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By SuitcaseTravelBlog | Aug 26, 2021
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I was so enthusiastic when I started this post and got very upset during the writing and researching process.

I wanted to share with you, my dear travelers, good restaurants in Paris and I figured out that most of them closed down because of the pandemic.

It was very upsetting and disappointing.

So, I can share only two my favourite places to eat which I really like. The food was very delicious. And I recommend these places.

Best French onion soup

27 rue des 2 Ponts

Pom’Cannelle , 27 rue des 2 Ponts

This is modest, but cozy restaurant, located on Ile Saint Louis and they have the best French onion soup.

I will be honest, and I am very sorry to say it, but I don't understand onion soup. I tried it several times in good restaurants, but…. never liked it.

Of course, in Paris, it would be a shame not to test it again and…. I didn't regret … it was absolutely delicious.

Our food was very good. We had onion soup, meat, ratatouille (another delicious dish to try) and ice cream. Our dinner was very enjoyable.

Pom'Cannelle located in a tourist area, close to the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris, but hidden from tourists. I recommend this place.

Best crepes

Au P'tit Grec
68 Rue Mouffetard

Au P’tit Grec, 68 Rue Mouffetard

I think this is the one of the best crepes in Paris.

This little café opened in 1981. It has style, good quality of food, wide varieties, amazing taste and fun. Also, a perfect meal on the budget.

The Au P'tit Grec located in 5th arr., only 20 minutes walk from Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris or 13 minutes from Luxembourg Gardens.

They are still open, and I recommend this place as well.

Unluckily, this is only two café from my list survived, and I really hope they can find a way continues to work.

Wait !!!

One more Must-visit café!

Café de Flore
172 Boulevard Saint-Germain

Café de Flore, 172 Boulevard Saint-Germain

Café de Flore, 172 Boulevard Saint-Germain

This is one of the oldest coffee houses in Paris. It first appeared around 1887. Lots of celebrities, famous actors, art people, high-profile writers and philosophers visited this café.

Café de Flore located at the corner of Boulevard Saint-Germain and Rue Saint-Benoît, in the 6th arrondissement.

That is all !

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