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This impressive Palace is open everyday except holidays and is located on the square plaza called "zócalo". There's so much to say about this place and it has lots of history. Starting with the Aztecs the palace was the residence of the emperor Moctezuma and in this building the emperor welcomed and received the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés. Shortly after the conquest took place they demolished it and turn it into a beautiful colonial building like those Spanish ones. Cortez made it one of his dwelling places and later during the Viceroyalty period the Palace was one of the main administrative buildings for all the viceroy's government that existed in the so called "New Spain". The Palace itself has been undergoing reconstructions through different periods of time.

There's no better way to describe it than going inside and find out for yourself: inside in the central patio do not miss the great mural paintings of Diego Rivera, located in the first floor as you walk up your way in the staircase. The main one is called "history of Mexico through time" (historia de México a través de los siglos). This is one of Rivera's master paintings, it is depicting the history of Mexico since pre Columbian times passing through the conquest, Mexican Revolution and the artist's particular point of view of the country in future times(Diego Rivera was very found of the communist party!!), Then go on and look the other ones: quite a few mural paintings where there are different pre Columbian festivities and ways of life for different cultures. This is indeed a fantastic and unique experience that is right in the Heart of downtown Mexico city and It has to be on list of places to visit....

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