5 Foods You Can’t Miss in Greece

By caitkontalis | Nov 24, 2020
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Because there's more to life than gyros.

As a Greek-American, I've been blessed to grow up knowing the wonders of Greek food since day one. However, I'll be the first to admit that the pure freshness of ingredients straights from the source cannot be compared. When you're in Greece, be sure to try something more than a gyro!

Greek Salad

In Greece, this thing is loaded with tomatoes. And I mean LOADED. If you're a tomato lover – you've found your happy place


Essentially a Mediterranean lasagna – but with eggplant and ground meat! One of my favorite comfort foods, you can get this yummy dish vegetarian as well

Kalamata Olives

I've heard it a million times before – i dOn'T LiKe oLiVeS. You still need to try the olive in Greece. The luscious taste can be appreciated by almost everyone!


These delicious skewers are the perfect lunch. Pick your meat and go crazy.

Orange Juice

I stand by this: Greece has the best orange juice in the world. Nothing beats a fresh-squeezed glass from the tree surrounding your outdoor dining area.

Bonus: Loukoumades

Need to hit that sweet spot? Try these friend honey balls– essentially a Greek donut!

What would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments!


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