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Thailand is a majestic country that is renowned all over the world for its incredible scenic beauty, warm hospitality, wonderful historical architecture and a splendid heritage that goes back hundreds of years!

This remarkable Asian country has emerged as a top holiday destination beguiling all kinds of travellers to its shores. Be it solo backpackers, families on vacation or couples on honeymoon - Thailand is one holiday destination that has something to offer to everyone. And this is the exact reason that makes cheap tickets to Thailand such a prized commodity among holiday makers. Tickets to Thailand are indeed sought after by everyone who wishes to have a great time during vacations. Especially among the Europeans, Thailand remains a top tourist spot. Not surprisingly, a number of airlines offer London to Thailand flights!

On its turn, Thailand doesn't disappoint its suitors too! The country brims with some mesmerising attractions that are sure to justify your booking tickets on Thailand flights. Take a look at the top places to visit in a country that is known as the 'Land of Smiles'.

Wat Sothonwararam, Chachoengsao Province

Wat Sothonwararam, Chachoengsao Province


Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world. The city presents a wonderful mix of rich culture and splendid contemporary attractions that is sure to impress tourists on their sojourn to Thailand. Bangkok's top attractions include Siam Ocean World, Lumphini Park, Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun. There are various other tourist attractions in the city that warrant a visit. Bangkok is additionally a big commercial hub as number of banks and other financial institutions are based here. No wonder, business class seats on flights to Thailand are usually overbooked!


Phuket is another top holiday destination in Thailand that is growing up by leaps and bounds. The city is gifted with incredible beaches, wonderful charm, verdant tropical forests and much more! Some of the city's popular tourist spots are Phuket Museum, Phang Nga Bay and Wat Chalong. However, it has to be said that the city is more popular for its water sports and adventure activities. Phuket is additionally renowned all over the globe for its charming events and festivals.


Pattaya is a remarkable island destination that boasts of some incredible attractions that just cannot be missed by tourists on a tour to Thailand. Some of the region's top tourist spots include Elephant Village. K0 Lan Island, Bottle Art Museum and Crocodile Farm. Pattaya also shows no dearth of world class resorts and hotels.

Beach in Pattaya

Beach in Pattaya

Best Time to Visit Thailand

The best time to visit Thailand is the period between November and March as the climate is cooler and rain is minimal. The period is ideal to spend time outdoors - lounging at the beaches or doing some sightseeing! The period between April to June is quite hot in the country and can prove to be a hindrance for outdoor excursions. September-October is the rainy season and is perhaps not the best time to plan holidays in Thailand. However, for those looking for cheap holidays to Thailand, this might be the ideal time to look for cheap airfares. cheap accommodation and overall cheap holidays.

Tips to Plan Your Thailand Tour

Endowed with scintillating attractions, and the land of historical wonderments, Thailand is one of the places that never fail to impress the tourists' heart. When people think of Asian beauty, captivating images of Thailand tourism is the first thing that comes in their mind. This exotic country offers something for everyone - From highly ecumenical Bangkok to the balmy islands of Andaman Sea. So, if you're planning to get in this tropical paradise, we bring you some interesting, valuable facts that will hopefully help you in planning your Thailand tour perfectly.

Vacation Attractions in Thailand

Thailand feature a handful of tourist attractions visit to them are worth paying for. Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is one of the most alluring tourist spots in the country. From historical landmarks to modern architectures, and standard shopping to quality accommodation, this lively city has a perfect setting of all tourism attractions, hence enthralls the visitors the most. The main attractions of Bangkok tour package include The Grand Royal Palace, The Temple of Emerald Buddha, Wat Pho, Chinatown Bangkok, Golden Mount, and Victory Monument etc.

Thailand's islands and beaches are also the stuff of dreams. Sweeping white sandy beaches, lazily swinging hammocks and the dramatic limestone karsts are some sorts of features this beautiful country boasts. The best of all, islands and beaches in Thailand can be enjoyed in whichever way you choose. No matter you're a solitude seeker. or wish you enjoy at rowdy sea- shore, Thailand tourism has it all. For your beach vacation. Phetburi province. Chonburi province (both in central Thailand). Phuket island, Samui island and Krabi province (Southern Thailand) can be the best selection.

Apart from them, Ayutthaya province. Bang-Pa, Chiang Mai, and Chiang Rai are also among the top tourist attractions in Thailand.

When to Visit?

Thailand is a travellers' paradise, and is quite east to get around. Though the visitors come here throughout the year, November-April is considered the best time to get around this country. In the peak session, near to Christmas and New Year, Thailand tourism witnesses masses of crowds frequented throughout the world. During this time, everything in the country is open, and the weather remains favorable. However, prices of tour packages Thailand become a bit higher during this time.

How to Get Started?

If you've decided to visit Thailand. it would be better to plan your trip well in advance. First of all. you should decide where you want to go, and what your budget is. After deciding your buying criteria, you can easily book your Thailand trip online. Some reputed companies provide packages Thailand to help tourists enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free Thailand trip. From airfares to accommodation to transportation. all facilities are included in these packages. Thailand tour can be enjoyed fully, availing a suitable deal from a reputable company. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags to enjoy the splendid beauty of this South East Asian country. You will surely take back home bag full of delightful memories that will remain in your mind forever.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Island is the biggest island of Thailand and one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Although it is an island, it is connected with the rest of Thailand by two bridges. Phuket is the name of the island; it is also the name of the town on the island of Phuket and the name of the Province to which belong the Phuket Island and some smaller islands near the Phuket Island.

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay

The Phuket Island is of the size similar to Singapore and the island was well known to many people all over the world throughout the history, especially to merchants and travelers, as it was on the important trade route between India and China. It used to be mentioned many times in the ship logs of travelers from many countries, especially from Portugal, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and France.

It has been a prosperous place, previously prospering from tin and rubber, and nowadays mostly from tourism.

In the past the island was called Junk Celyon. The modern name "Phuket", the same as the previous name Junk Celyon, comes from Malay and means "hill". For people coming to Phuket from the sea, the island appears as a hill.

Because Phuket was the source of valuable tin, in the 17th century the western powers of France, Netherlands and England competed for the control of the trade of tin from Phuket. The French controlled the island for some time, but ultimately were driven away by Thais. Later the Burmese tried to conquer Phuket but were unsuccessful. When the Burmese forces were preparing to invade Phuket they were spotted by the British captain who warned the Phuket's authorities.

Two local women, the wife of the deceased governor and her sister quickly organized some defensive forces that they were able to gather quickly and successfully resisted the Burmese invasion for one month. After the one month siege the Burmese were forced to withdraw and the two local women became the Phuket's heroines.

On the Boxing Day of December 26, 2004 Phuket and the other areas of Thailand on the Andaman Coast were struck by tsunami waves caused by the earthquake under the Indian Ocean. Tens of thousands of people died in South East Asia and 5,300 people in Thailand, mostly foreign tourists. In Phuket Province 250 deaths were reported, but there were many more deaths (about thousand) of illegal Burmese worker who were building a new beach resort in the area of Khao Lak.

Many beaches and some villages in Phuket were destroyed or damaged by the tsunami, mostly on the western coast (especially Kamala, Patong, Karon and Kata beaches) and also some areas on the southern coast.

The rebuilding of Phuket started and progressed very fast after the tsunami and most of the resorts and hotels were back in business in February 2005. Throughout the 2005 all the damage areas of Phuket Province were restored.

The Top 8 Phuket Attractions Every Traveler Should Visit

Phuket is one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia. Phuket has a lot to offer its visitors. There are a large number of excellent Phuket attractions which travelers can visit during their stay on this Thai holiday island. There are many wonderful attractions and activities on Phuket for both the young and old.

Tourists planning their first trip to Phuket should definitely plan to visit the top 8 Phuket attractions which have been listed down below.

1. Phuket Fantasea

If you enjoy visiting shows then no visit to Phuket can be complete without having been to the Phuket Fantasea show. This ever so popular Phuket attraction is located in the village of Kamala and offers a show which includes wild animals, amazing visual effects and spectacular acrobats.

2. Simon Cabaret Show

A wonderful Phuket attraction which any member of the family can visit is the Simon Cabaret Show located just on the outskirts of Patong which is the most popular Phuket beaches. This wonderful cabaret show performed by gracious Thai lady boys will be the highlight of your stay on Phuket.

3. Bangla Road

The nightlife of Phuket is famous around the world and is one of the main attractions for many travelers visiting Phuket. If you want to experience the Phuket nightlife at its best, then be sure to plan an evening visit to Bangla road in Patong.

4. Wat Chalong

Thailand is a Buddhist country and there are many impressive temples located throughout the country. The largest and most popular temple on Phuket is Wat Chalong which is located in the Southern section of the island.

5. Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a form of martial art which originates from Thailand. If you have never been to a Thai boxing fight then be sure to visit one of the Muay Thai fights which are organized regularly in both Patong as well as Phuket town.

6. Phromthep Cape

Phuket is well known for its spectacular sunsets and the best place to enjoy one of these sunsets during your stay on Phuket is at the Phromthep Cape. This ever so popular Phuket attraction is located between Kata and Rawaii.

7. Big Buddha Statue

One of the newest Phuket attractions is the Big Buddha Statue which is located on the top of a large hill overlooking the island and the Andaman Sea. The Big Buddha statue on Phuket is over 45 meters in height and cost nearly 1 million dollars to build.

8. Diving in the Andaman Sea

Phuket is a world class diving destination and the Andaman Sea offers the ideal diving destination. If you have never done any diving before then what better time to get your PADI certificate then during your vacation on Phuket.

Hotels in Thailand - How to Find the Best Possible Deals That Will Save You Tons of Time and Money!

Hotels in Thailand, noted for their legendary service and great amenities galore, never fail to make frequent travelers giddy with excitement.

In Phuket, Nai Yang Beach, there are luxury villas that promise a grand stay and restful sleep in well-appointed rooms with private balconies looking out into the resort's beautiful landscaped grounds. Arrange for the best possible deal that will translate to huge savings in time & money by booking yourself in advance. There's a free night promotional offer for long-staying guests at such enticing places for that much longed for respite. Going for early bird online booking also lets travelers save tons of time and money.

Breathtaking is one of the best ways to describe some of the most attractive resort hotels in Phuket, Thailand. Guests also get to enjoy several freebies like free shuttle service. complimentary daily breakfasts, complimentary round trip airport transfer, and free Wi-Fi internet use.

In Chiang Mai, a special summer package fetches a terrific deal whereby travelers get to stay in a roomy Lanna-style pavilion that offers a refreshing view of terraced rice fields and majestic mountains. After getting settled and enjoying a peaceful sleep. there are exciting activities to look forward to like elephant riding to rafting to and exploration of the hill tribes.

Get top value for your money through special promotional packages at hotels in Bangkok. One excellent option located at the heart of the most striking landmarks. Modern amenities include satellite TV, mini bar, bathtub with hot & cold water, and others. Get to visit attractions like the dazzling Grand Palace which has served as the home of the Thai King and his Royal court for several decades; several remarkable building structures; and magnificent temples which are near your hotel. Bangkok comes alive at Christmastime, too. Most hotels are favorite venues for celebrating the yuletide holidays. Fabulous five-course extravaganzas. live festive music and special Santa appearance plus performances by a magician. face painter and balloon artist light up the Christmas celebration at some of the best hotels in Thailand. Indeed. given all the fun and topnotch amenities, you truly get your money's worth by availing of special promotional offers and timing your vacation in exotic Thailand very well.

In Pattaya, a popular beach resort destination in Thailand, discount hotels abound. Advance online bookings at first-class hotels in Pattaya ensure terrific deals. Selecting Pattaya as the place to visit lets guests easily find their way to the nearby attractions like museums, water sports facilities, fishing & golfing havens, or enjoy the vibrant nightlife. Competitively priced Pattaya offers ideal spots for parasailing, diving. horseback riding, tennis and other sports activities. Even peak travel season finds hotels in Pattaya slashing down room rates. It's a known fact that staying a while in Thailand can be nice and affordable. There's a resort & spa hotel that's well-suited for travelers who want antiques & other art commingling in harmony.

Best Places and Interesting Destinations in Thailand For Vacationing Family With Children

Thailand is the best place to spend family vacations. The country has plenty of beautiful and attractive places which parents and their children will definitely love. There are top ten best places in Thailand where most families from around the world love to visit. Here is the list of the ten most recommended vacation destinations in Thailand:

1. Pattaya, Thailand

Located along the Thailand Gulf. It is the most popular ocean site resort in the Southeast Asia. Pattaya has 300 affordable hotels to choose from, which are perfect for vacationing families of any size. There are also a number of markets and shopping malls. Lots of affordable restaurants are also found in Pattaya serving the delicious Thai delicacies.

2. Phuket

The most popular tourist destination in the country with its beautiful white sand beach coasts. Phuket is also known as the "pearl of the South". Here, one can find the best variety of restaurants offering the best of Thai cuisines.

3. Koh Samui

Perfect to spend family summer vacations. Koh Samui has a large number of beach hotels where one can enjoy the amazing beauty of the white sand beaches along the coastlines. Resorts offer good budget accommodations which will surely please families.

4. Chiang Mai

Popular tourist destination mostly because of the best shopping experience it offers. Here, one can buy a lot with just a dollar. Tourists often swarm the market of Chiang Mai that opens from 5pm and opens until midnight daily. The night marketplace has many products that will surely suit and satisfy everyone. Goods such as clothes, baggage, souvenir items, shoes and a lot more can be found here. There are also clubs in several places which offers very affordable prices. This is definitely a place for any family vacation.

5. Koh Chang

A marine national park which attracted thousands of visitors worldwide. The island has a nick name of "the last untouched paradise in the Southeast Asia", because much of its place are not yet been discovered by modern explorations and haven't been built in with establishments and infrastructures. Here, one can fully appreciate the pure gifts of nature. Koh Chang has everything nature has to offer. Perfect getaway place for families who wants to have a quiet and peaceful vacation. Families can rent natively designed bungalows where they can feel at ease and comfortable all throughout their stay.

6. Krabi

An island territory of Thailand that has fine-looking coastline and offshore islands. This location was used in the movie "The Beach" starring Leonardo di Caprio. These beaches are truly pictures perfect panoramas, together with the coconut palm trees and the blue waters of the ocean. Krabi has been a favorite place for vacationers coming from different countries.

7. Hua Hin

A place which combines pleasure and beach holidays and also a place for several sports. Golf has been the most famous sport here wherein visitors can play under the shade of the coconut trees.

8. Chiang Rai

A located in the mountainous regions of Thailand, which are said to have retained much Thailand's culture. Popular attractions here include the White Temple, which is the only handcrafted temple in Thailand with striking botanical gardens. Visitors love to visit here and take a look at the Buddha statues built in Buddhist temples which truly spectacular.

9. Cha-am

Located 160 kilometers south of Bangkok. about two hours drive via car. Cha-am beach resort is known as the longest white sand beach in Thailand. It is also a place for golfing which many of vacationers enjoy to play. Perfect for vacationing families.

10. Bangkok

The main attractions in Bangkok are the magnificent temples and shrines along the city. These religious buildings were made with artistic architecture design which are truly captivating to the eyes.

Best Places and Attractions to Visit in Chiang Mai, Thiland

Chiang Mai is Thailand's largest city in the country's northern region. It is considered the most culturally place in Thailand. In the past years, Chiang was developed into a more modern city. It has a vast number of attraction sites which bring thousands of tourists in the city every year. the city is important for it holds most of the country's history.

Most visited places in Chiang Mai Thailand

1. Chiang Dao Elephant Camp

Located at about 73 miles north of Chiang Mai. situated on the banks of Ping River. The camp is known for a place to enjoy elephant rides and performing amazing feats of strength and skill, of the elephant. Almost all tourists visiting Thailand spare time to have a visit here. Chiang Dao camp's elephants are what Thailand is well-known for.

2. Doi Suithep

An impressive mountain located at the west part of the city. Visitors can reach the place via songthaew taxi or hire a bike which takes a 15km ride to the summit. The highly sanctified temple at the top of the mountain is a popular pilgrim spot for Thais. It has a humbling view of the green landscape scene. There is also the Phuping Palace gardens and Hmong villages found on the top of the mountain. Visitors can also visit Doi Pui forest, which hides behind it. This is one of the most popular attraction sites in Thailand.

3. Mae Sa Valley

Located about 30 minutes about 30 minutes drive from Chiang Mai. This place is where one can find the magnificent multi-tiered Mae Sa waterfall, and also the orchid farm, monkey and snake farms and other botanical gardens. This is a wonderful place where one can enjoy the exuberating beauty of the real Chiang Mai, considering the gifts of nature as
the city's pride.

4. Ping River Valley

Located at the eastern par of Chiang Mai, with will take around 30 minutes ride. The valley reveals a wonderful mountain view, and several attractions sites. Visitors can also witness the beauty of San Khampaeng hot springs, the excellent Mae On cave and the charming mountain hamlet of Mae Kampong. The place was considered the main choice of destination for visitors who loves to do mountain climbing and nature strolls.

5. San Khampaeng hot springs

Visitors can enjoy hot baths, though not advisable for the hot springs tend to increase its temperature consequently. An attractive place visited by many tourists. The place is rather used for sight seeing, and for picnic trips.

These are the top five places in Chiang Mai Thailand. Though there are other more interesting places to visit here, these are the five most recommended places for guests to have a perfect picture of Chiang Mai's beauty.

Interesting Places to Visit In Pattaya

1. Pattaya Crocodile Farm

This is the place where you can come across hundreds of crocodiles in their natural avatar and habitat. From the baby minuscule ones (whom you can even carry in your arm and take photographs) to the monstrous sized giants whom only the trained experts handle, you can feast your eyes on our largest reptilian friend. And don't forget to catch the special crocodile show where these trained artists perform jaw-dropping acts.

2. Ripley's Believe it or Not

Ripley's Believe it or Not is a museum-like house exhibiting all those puzzling, mindboggling and unbelievable stuff which will astonish you yet exhilarate you completely.

3. Sriracha Tiger Zoo

Ever held a tiger cub in your arms? If not, then Thailand packages bring you the opportunity at the Sriracha Tiger Zoo. It is one place where you can witness some rarely seen activities by a mother tigress and by her cubs including breastfeeding. Plus, you can take images and spend some time with other animals as well.

4. Underground World Pattaya

As the name gives it away, Underground World Pattaya takes you to the bottom of the ocean and shows you the world that lies beneath our feet. Witnessing those sharks. eels and sting rays from such a close range can be as frightening as it is thrilling!

5. Bottle Art Museum

Bottle Art Museum is a delightful place for an artist or for someone who has an artistic bend. There are hundreds of creations stacked in glass bottles which will amaze and excite you!

With plenty of beaches. shops. markets, malls. restaurants and hotels, Thailand tourism leaves no stone unturned to give the tourist a satisfying holiday!

Interesting Places to Visit in Bangkok

Bangkok was formerly a small trading center located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. At present, this city is one of the largest urban areas in Thailand. Tourists can find modern establishments and remarkable destinations in this city. Although Bangkok keeps up with the changing times, the city still preserves the grandeur of its long and illustrious history. Those who wish to visit this city should include the following sites in their itinerary.



Numerous monuments and shrines are among the popular landmarks in Bangkok. The following attraction spots fascinate many tourists that visit the city.

1. Grand Palace

This must-see landmark will complete any person's tour of the city. Constructed in 1782, the Grand Palace was the home of the Thai King and the Royal court. It also served as Thailand's seat of government. Now, it attracts numerous tourists from all parts of the world because of its impressive architecture and elaborate detail. The palace is a proof of craftsmanship and artistry of the Thais. The Grand Palace also serves as the heart of the kingdom of Thailand.

2. Wat Arun

This temple that flourished during the Rattanakosin period continues to amaze anyone who sets foot inside this majestic shrine. The fine craftsmanship of Wat Arun makes the temple as one of the most popular landmarks in the city. Wat Arun features a prang or spire that measures 70 meters in height, and it comes with embellishments such as Chinese porcelain and colored glass pieces. Although it is known as the Temple of the Dawn, the temples brilliance radiates especially at night.

3. Wat Pho

The temple of the Reclining Buddha stands behind the famous temple of the Emerald Buddha. It is the largest temple in the city, and it is renowned for the majestic Buddha statue that measures 46 meters in length. The statue comes with gold leaf covering, which makes this religious icon appear very elegant.

Shopping and Recreation

The city appeals to many tourists because of the scrumptious delicacies, native products, and bargain prices for various items. These are among the best places to visit for those who enjoy shopping and dining.

1. Khao San Road

This busy street in Bangkok features a collision of eastern and western cultures. Tourists can find gadget stores, bars, restaurants, and shopping areas. For those who have a craving for shopping and leisure walks, the Khao San Road is the perfect place to visit.

2. Chinatown

Foods that offer street side cuisines and Thai delicacies line up all over this exciting tourist attraction. During daytime, this l-kilometer strip is not as busy, as compared to sundown until nighttime. Chinatown offers various activities for any tourist such as shopping, dining and feasting during major festivals in the country. This is also the best location to buy gold, eat authentic Chinese dishes, and visit Chinese temples.

3. Chatuchak

Weekends are a treat at Chatuchak because of the exciting bargains and exquisite finds in over 8,000 market stalls. In fact, about 200,000 visitors spend hours in this place during weekends. They aim to buy reasonably-priced goods that they can never find on a weekday.

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

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