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Jun 26, 2020• by nikagestoso10

A Week in Patong, Phuket

Thailand is the best country when it comes to offer a variety of places, temples, beaches... One of them is Phuket. I never imagined that I'll be able to see the beauty of Phuket. I booked my flight...

Feb 22, 2019• by BVR_Phuket

Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand is a majestic country that is renowned all over the world for its incredible scenic beauty, warm hospitality, wonderful historical architecture and a splendid heritage that goes back...

Feb 19, 2019• by BVR_Phuket

Travel Guide To Phuket Island

There are many vacation hot spots in the world offering high-class accommodations, services, and amenities. Read on to learn why Phuket Island is one paradise you cannot miss when in Asia. Going on a...

Oct 18, 2018• by villagetovoyage

Our Guide to choosing Karon or Kata, Thailand

Karon and Kata are neighbouring resorts in Phuket that offer a more relaxed atmosphere compared with the bustling streets of Patong. Their beaches, nightlife and attractions are fairly similar to one...

Oct 18, 2018• by villagetovoyage

Freedom Beach Phuket, a hidden paradise

Freedom Beach is a beautiful hidden gem that lies just south of the popular party resort Patong. If you are looking for a secluded spot to relax in paradise and swim in crystal clear waters, here is...

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