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By randrwander | Dec 13, 2018
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Near Tsukiji Market

Near Tsukiji Market

Today's tip is almost an extension to my other tip while in Japan where I explained the value of the Passmo card. This tip however is to make sure you carry cash in Japan. Despite major cities in Japan being extremely modern, many businesses do not accept debit or credit.

Cash is needed for most of your transactions, even when staying at a ryokon (Japanese hotel) you may need cash to pay as we discovered.
Something else to bear in mind is that ATMs can be tricky to find as well. In our experience, the easiest way to take out some cash is to use an ATM at a 7-11. You can find a 7-11 on nearly every street, though they can be harder to find in smaller towns. However, where there is a 7-11, there is an ATM that accepts most foreign cards!

Although it can often be concerning to carry lots of cash while traveling, Japan is a very safe country and you are unlikely to be robbed. So plan ahead and make sure that you always have some cash on hand.

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