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    Aug 10, 2019• by santamartatrip

    Lost City in Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta

    To go to the starting point of this cradle of natural and cultural treasures you must take the Troncal del Caribe from Santa Marta, via Riohacha. Subsequently follow a 3 hour road trip to a...

    Apr 11, 2019• by loveandluggage

    Cartagena - Beautiful & Colorful city

    Colombia was such a colorful destination! We went for a quick weekend trip from Ft. Lauderdale which was about a two hour flight. We stayed for 3 nights in an Air BNB at Morros city condo and it was...

    Feb 8, 2019• by Jamee_Wohle

    Finding a balance between travel & fitness

    As an avid gym-goer and fitness enthusiast, I have faced many obstacles trying to stay fit in foreign countries. From the Middle East to Africa to South America, I have found ways of exercising...

    Jan 2, 2019• by IMPULSE_Travel

    11 safety tips for traveling in Colombia

    Many worry about safety when travelling in Colombia. However, taking a few precautions you can enjoy a stress free vacation. Colombians often use the expression “no dar la papaya”. Literally, it...

    How to Crush Your Colombian Hiking Adventure

    It’s always fun to get outdoorsy when you’re visiting a new country —especially when your daily regime consists of a 9-5 desk job. But when it comes to booking a stellar hiking adventure, there...

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