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    Jan 5, 2021• by journey_junkies

    Rishikesh, India - Yoga Capital of the World

    Located on the banks of the sacred River Ganges, Rishikesh is known as the yoga capital of the world. Indeed, there is even a train named the Yoga Express which chugs its way from Delhi to...

    Aug 24, 2020• by caitkontalis

    Fearful Flyers: Tips & Resources For Anxious Travelers

    Callie’s dad is a pilot for United, and flew us home from Beijing in 2018. He even let me visit the cockpit and try on his hat! A dream come true for an anxious flyer like me! I’ve been on...

    Aug 17, 2020• by GoEatMeetRepeat

    What Can You Do for 9 Days in Lanzarote - Canary Islands?

    Why not try a surf and yoga retreat in a warm, welcoming island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean? This is how we decided to spend our Christmas holidays at one time. To escape the cold...

    Apr 1, 2020• by lionsdetour

    Practical Skills That Can Make You Money While Travelling

    If you have a set of skills that are in demand in different locations, you will find it easier to travel for longer. Having money is an important factor to afford food, accommodation and have...

    Feb 14, 2020• by LetsPlayy_Ebikes

    Top Things To Do In Rishikesh

    Rishikesh is one of the most popular destination where you can discover lots of things and activities. Rishikesh is a city set in the beautiful mountainous state of Uttarakhand and a location so...

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    Beautiful Surf & Yoga Lodge in The Best Surf Spot

    $69 - $162 / 2 
    Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

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