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    Oct 2, 2020• by Gap_yearlifestyle

    How to Spend a Weekend in Copenhagen

    Copenhagen is an incredibly beautiful city, with a wealth of history and countless beautiful museums and palaces to visit. It also has a real foodie scene and is great for shopping! You could...

    Feb 8, 2020• by MichelleSegrest

    Copenhagen's Hidden Gem Can Be Found in Christiania's Hippie Commune

    COPENHAGEN, Denmark (26 May 2013) – It was a simple misunderstanding. Traveling with my friend and work colleague, Terri, it was my responsibility to handle all the business details on the 15-day...

    Oct 22, 2019• by The_Polar_Travel_Company

    How to Dress to Travel to the Arctic

    The choice of clothing for cold climates is a very personal matter. It depends on your individual experience with cold conditions. Are you more susceptible to cold temperatures than other people? A...

    May 30, 2019• by travelbykwamzandjoz

    Travel Tips: Copenhagen

    Free walking tours are a great way to explore Copenhagen. They're a really cost effective way to, learn a little about the history, explore food markets, visit key sites and landmarks including...

    Apr 10, 2019• by The_Polar_Travel_Company

    When to make a cruise to the Arctic and what to see

    A voyage to the top of the world can take us to fascinating places such as Russia’s Far East, the Canadian Arctic, Svalbard, Greenland,Alaska, or even to the Geographic North Pole. The Arctic...

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