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Jul 9, 2020• by wasatch

Half Timbered Houses

My favorite sights in the EU are street walking to see the architecture, half timbered buildings, especially houses, and Baroque churches and palaces. To understand and fully appreciate half...

Jun 26, 2020• by wasatch

Unfortunate Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

Schwabisch Hall is one of my favorite quaint, little touristed villages in Germany. Its off the beaten path, and that is all to its advantage, but not so much to yours. You have to find a way to get...

Jan 10, 2019• by UNDERWAYGS

The Most Beautiful Half-Timbered Towns in Germany

The half-timbered house or Riegelhaus is the best-known Germany timber truss type of building. It is a skeleton structure made of wood, in which the horizontal stiffening by means of obliquely built...

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