Safety in Havana

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      Nov 2, 2019• by MyCubaRentals

      Safety in Cuba

      All you really need to consider is the occasional thief, serious crimes are almost non-existent. Violent attacks such as shootings or mass murders do not exist in Cuba and muggings and...

      Sep 6, 2022• by Luis_Herrera

      Enjoy an Exciting Rock Climbing Experience in Bulder Havana, Cuba

      Cuba not only offers beautiful beaches and a rich culture and history, it also has an exuberant nature full of plant and animal life that is an ideal setting for climbing. There are other...

      Apr 30, 2022• by Luis_Herrera

      The Barbaran “Pepito's Bar” is the Refuge of Vampires in Havana

      Barbaram Club "Pepito's Bar" is located on avenue 26, in Nuevo Vedado, infront of the Havana Zoo Garden. The Barbaram' s club has existed since the fifties of the 20th century, its name Is...

      Apr 22, 2021• by Luis_Herrera

      Josefina Island is a Unique Place for Trekking & Slow Travel in Havana

      Josefina island is located in the area popularly known as Havana Forest, which is a strip of the Almendares River banks in the west of the city. It' s preserved in a natural state and it is...

      Apr 9, 2021• by Luis_Herrera

      The Tropical Gardens, a Jewel of Art Nouveau Architecture in Havana

      The Tropical Gardens are in Havana they are a paradigm of modernist landscape architecture in Cuba and a jewel of art nouveau architecture located in the green lung of the city. With a surface...

      Mar 28, 2021• by Luis_Herrera

      The Zoo of 26, Little Noe's Ark in Havana

      The Havana Zoo is the oldest zoological park in Cuba, it is an attraction for the Havana population of all ages and means for adults, the place of childhood memories and pleasant moments, it is...

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