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    Sep 20, 2018• by Ryder_Walker_Alpine_Adventures

    Visit the Geological Wonders of the American Southwest

    Throughout our planet some of the most sensational achievements have not been built by architects or even sculpted by artists. In our natural world, from sandstone mountains in Central Europe to...

    Sep 17, 2018• by Ryder_Walker_Alpine_Adventures

    The Best Hiking in the Swiss Engadine

    The Engadine, an enchanting and pristine Swiss valley bordering Austria and Italy, is among the most beautiful places in the world. Defined by peaceful countryside, medieval villages, and stunning...

    Sep 7, 2018• by Ryder_Walker_Alpine_Adventures

    Why the Eiger Trail is the Most Epic Hike on Earth

    The Eiger Trail is the soul of alpine hiking. The journey leads you through some of the most awe inspiring vistas on earth, locations critical to mountaineering history, and multiple alpine villages...

    Sep 5, 2018• by Ryder_Walker_Alpine_Adventures

    4 Experiences You Can Only Find in the French Pyrenees

    The French Pyrenees are a mountain range unlike any other. Situated along the French-Spanish border, these mountains have a distinct medieval history. Although they are less famous than their...

    Aug 23, 2018• by Ryder_Walker_Alpine_Adventures

    The Top 5 Aeolian Islands You Must Visit

    No trip to Sicily is complete without an adventure to the Aeolian Islands. Take a trip through time to our five favorite Aeolian Islands: The island of Stromboli is home to one of the most...

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    7 Days Machame Route Kilimanjaro Climb

    From $1815 - $2230 / person
    Moshi, Tanzania
    7 days

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    Hiking tour in Budapest

    From $36 / person
    Budapest, Hungary
    4 hours

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