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    May 28, 2021• by BeccaB

    6 Tips for Picking a Hotel on Your Next Solo Trip

    Finding great accommodation is very important for every type of traveler, but especially for solo adventurers who need to spend more time organizing their trip to make sure they feel comfortable...

    May 19, 2021• by wasatch

    Hotel Havnekontoret, Bergen, Norway

    The Hotel Havnekontoret is one of the nicest hotels we ever stayed in. Well located near the major sights of Bergen, most of it was once the mansion home of a very rich Bergen merchant. We booked a...

    Mar 18, 2021• by SuitcaseTravelBlog

    Paris: Citadines Apart Hotel Opéra

    Vacation is always an exciting time. People are counting the days until their trip will start, packing their stuff, studying maps, looking for useful information, buying some clothes and comfortable...

    Feb 9, 2021• by topFlights_Now

    The Best Boutique Hotels in Croatia

    Croatia is a charming country that offers you many beautiful places and cities worth visiting. If you want to visit this country, you must find the best boutique hotels in Croatia to make your...

    Jan 7, 2021• by ebonytravelers

    5 COVID-Friendly Hotel Tips

    Having flown as a career for over 20 years I have stayed in many hotel rooms and so the experience has taught me a lot about what to look out for in terms of cleanliness. 1. Check the hotel sheets...

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