Recently Renovated! Tokyo Prince Hotel With a View of Tokyo Tower

By mogujapan | Jun 25, 2021
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The Tokyo Prince Hotel is such a prestigious hotel that the Japanese Imperial Family has stayed there in the past.

However, it was getting old, but it was recently completely renovated and became a very nice hotel.

Guest room

The red and white color scheme of the room tickled my feminine fancy. The room was very cute.

The TV, table, refrigerator, etc. were all placed at the end of the room.

This made the room feel larger.

The thing that made me happiest was that I could see Tokyo Tower up close from the window. I was very impressed by this.


A lot of freshly baked hotel breads.

I think it's a good deal to have all you can eat of the same bread sold in the store!

There is also a wide variety of Western, Japanese, and Chinese food.

Juice, yogurt, and soy milk from Japanese manufacturers are also available!

The omelet was topped with a beef stew sauce!

All dishes were very delicious!


  • Tokyo Pudding Hotel's guest rooms have been renovated to look like castles.
  • You can see Tokyo Tower from the room.
  • I recommend the breakfast buffet at Tokyo Pudding Hotel.

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