Mount Kilimanjaro

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    Sep 15, 2020• by MachameRoute

    Accommodation on Kilimanjaro's Machame Route

    Climbing via Kilimanjaro Machame route, climbers will be lodging in tents to the specialized camping sites. Depending of the number of Climbing days via the popular Machame route that ranges from...

    Sep 12, 2020• by MachameRoute

    Machame Route: The Popular Kilimanjaro Ascending Route

    This is the most popular Kilimanjaro ascending route with its good number and maximum summit success rate, which is the next popular after the Marangu route. The route can be the most scenic route...

    Jul 23, 2020• by seracadventure

    Best Time To Hike Kilimanjaro

    So you have decided on hiking the great summit of Africa and are wondering which the Best Time to Hike Kilimanjaro is. We are here to solve all your queries regarding your Mount Kilimanjaro Hike and...

    Jun 27, 2020• by jerrytanzaniatours

    Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance

    When making a trip to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, it is hard to buy the Kilimanjaro Travel Insurance that covers your outing to Mt. Kilimanjaro. Truth be told, many tour companies necessitate...

    Apr 17, 2020• by footslopestours

    Wildlife Safaris in Tanzania Every Animal Lover Needs to Take!

    Tanzania is the best Wildlife Safaris in Africa as Animal Lover Needs To Take to top safari destinations. When coming to Tanzania on a safari, you came with some expectations. The safari guide in...

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    7 Day Tanzania Luxury Safari

    From $5051 - $7006 / person
    Arusha, Tanzania
    7 days

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    5-Days Marangu Route

    From $1450 - $1550 / person
    Moshi, Tanzania
    6 days

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