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    Travel tips

    Jun 9, 2021• by mayantravel

    Central America Travel Guide

    One of the greatest adventures you can embark upon is a trip through all of the countries in Central America. Between the eight countries, the distinct cultures, traditions, and environments create a...

    Nov 10, 2020• by Merchanttraveller

    Crossing The Darien Gap

    So travelling or getting to any of these towns are logistically hard and tricky and come with there own question when booking a means to get to hem. Firstly they are both in troubled regions of each...

    Aug 15, 2019• by BosaTours

    Traveling Central America

    Deciding which country or region will be your next destination could be a little complicated and requires some destination research. I decided to write a few tips for those thinking about traveling...

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    Where to stay

    Budget Friendly Eco-Hostel/Farm

    $20 - $30 / 2 
    Sortova, Panama

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    Saigon Bay Bed & Breakfast

    $70 - $155 / 2 
    Bocas del Toro, Panama
    Bed and breakfast

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    More accommodations in Panama

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