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Apr 25, 2020• by wasatch

Can You Trust Travel Advice?

When planning a trip, always take travel advice with a grain of salt for there is no perfect source. Michelin is our top choice for EU advice. Michelin rates sights on four point scale, from...

Jul 3, 2019• by theburkharts

Money Saving Websites We Use

Keith and I try to stick to a very strict budget so I am always looking for ways to save money or get money back. When we sold everything and moved to Mexico we were debt free. Sadly, now that...

Nov 22, 2018• by buzzinaroundtheworld

Using Google Flights

Many of my friends have asked me, “Buzz, how are you able to find such cheap flights?” Being a teacher who loves to travel, I have to be able to be responsible when it comes to the cost of my...

May 15, 2018• by Bright_Nomad

Find out the cost of living at your destinations

When you plan a budget for your trip, it's easy to find out how much things cost at the places you're going to visit. Go to and search for a name of a city. You'll get a detailed list...

Feb 23, 2018• by freddy

Official safety and security advice

Some countries have an official government website gathering the most recent safety and security advice for their citizens travelling abroad (but hey, everyone can look). They also contain other...

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