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    Sep 10, 2019• by beyondredsquare

    Your Travel Guide To The North Caucasus Mountains of Russia

    So, if you are reading this article right now, you probably found it on Google by searching something like “Travel North Caucasus” or “Tourism North Caucasus”. Maybe you even only searched...

    Jul 2, 2019• by Bubibottle

    First Rafting Experience: Rafting in Karelia

    Our trip to Karelia, Russia, included many funny and exciting moments. However, today, I want to share our experience rafting on the Loymola river. Our excursion along the Loymola river...

    Jun 29, 2019• by Joshua_Kevin_Alviano

    What's it like to Travel to Russia

    If you're a fan of Instagram, just like me, then everytime you go somewhere, you'd be thinking of at least these two things: when and where to shoot. If you're into culture and history, then you'd...

    Apr 22, 2019• by breakoutandtravel

    Navigating Russia by train

    I know that a trip to Russia may not be on the top of most peoples bucket lists, but if it is on yours. Here are a few tips that I learned will be in Russia for three months. First, like the rest...

    Feb 12, 2019• by Ablackmanabroad

    How to apply for a tourist Visa for Russia

    On March 16, I'll be traveling to Russia. The process of obtaining a visa is long, frustrating, an extremely bureaucratic. Follow the directions below: There are only 4 Russian consulates in the...

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