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      May 21, 2020• by gbgoesplaces

      9 Food and Drinks You Have to Try in Vietnam

      Super strong and super sweet – Vietnamese coffee (ca phe) is famous around the world for a reason! Iced in the hot weather of southern Vietnam there really is nothing better. Vietnamese coffee...

      Apr 6, 2020• by onnewrealms

      Overnight Train in Vietnam – Our Experience with The First Class Sleeper

      We stayed in Vietnam one month so we had the chance to travel by train for long hours. These trains are crossing the country from the North to South every single day. We chose to book a trip from...

      Nov 26, 2019• by Meredith_SD

      Travel Interlude: The Only Black Person on The Planet (Sapa)

      I would like to note that this blog piece is specific to my experience in northern Vietnam; specifically Hanoi, Cat Ba, and Sapa. There are plenty of people of color who have traveled to these...

      Oct 30, 2019• by wheretomylove

      Driving in Other Countries

      We debated on writing some generalizations on driving overseas, but we are going to get more specific. This is mainly because it was so different from place to place. It would be on par with...

      Oct 27, 2019• by Wanderings

      Things to Do in Vietnam

      Vietnam is a place known for its Mekong River that gives life to its agricultural lands, particularly for rice. Vietnam, like Thailand, is a great supplier of rice in Asia, because of their good...

      Aug 21, 2019• by AdventuresInFluency

      In Vietnamese, Everyone is Family

      When I traveled to Vietnam, I found myself having the same conversation with the different people I met throughout my trip. It made me realize that you really only need to have a few phrases...

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      Da Lat Full Day Tour From Nha Trang

      From $135 / person
      Nha Trang, Vietnam
      14 hours

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