Sagrada Familia

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    Dec 4, 2019• by jessyaroundtheworld27

    Going around Valencia and Barcelona

    This report is about a carefree summer in which I visited Spain for the first time, and I chose two classic destinations for the period and considered evergreen. I'm glad I saw them, and I think they...

    Sep 20, 2019• by theexpatchronicle

    4 Things to Know Before Visiting Barcelona's Sagrada Familia

    Barcelona is unmistakably one of the most beautiful cities in Europe both to visit and to live! We're fortunate enough to call this incredible place home, at least for now, thanks to my...

    Mar 24, 2019• by travelandoconmirko

    Barcelona: What to See in 3 Days

    Barcelona is not such a huge city as London or New York, yet it is full of unmissable touristic places. Even though several weeks would not be enough to visit this mesmerizing city, I decided to...

    Feb 26, 2019• by thebarcelonafeeling

    Experience Gaudí in a completely different way

    Gaudí has become the most famous Catalan architect with a worldwide reputation. Many of his magnificent works can still be found in Barcelona. From residential buildings like Casa Batlló to the...

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