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Jun 16, 2020• by JenniferHardy

See and Taste Warsaw in a Day

With so much to see and do right across Poland, discover the capital city of Warsaw in just a day. With many airlines using Warsaw’s airports plus frequent, reasonably priced transport links into...

Nov 30, 2019• by jessyaroundtheworld27

Discovering Poland

When my boyfriend proposed a trip to Poland, I turned my nose up at first. I had never considered it in my life, I didn't think it was interesting, it didn't attract me. But fortunately I accepted...

Feb 17, 2018• by Clem

Vistula River Beach in Warsaw

Yes, there is a beach in Warsaw! Very popular among the locals, it can get quite crowded during the summer. Note that swimming is forbidden. Metro access: Centrum Nauki Kopernik

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