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Feb 21, 2020• by BeccaB

How to Prepare for Winter Hiking

Don’t let the cold weather stop you from going on an adventure. Many hikers like to explore the great outdoors in the midst of winter. But, going on a winter hike requires some serious preparation...

Feb 10, 2020• by KiwiTalksTravel

A Beginners Guide To: New York City (Winter)

New York is one of, if not, my favourite city in the world. It was always my dream to go there. I’d endlessly picture the beautiful Brooklyn homes, the snowy streets of Manhattan, and of...

Jan 14, 2020• by LetsGoSlovenia

Top 5 Winter Destinations in Slovenia

Slovenia is a perfect destination to explore in the winter. You can visit many winter sports destinations just to admire the views or for easier walks. Or simply to relax in the quiet, natural...

Dec 28, 2019• by Sequoia_Guides

Visiting Sequoia National Park in Winter

Any trip to a National Park is an adventure but when snow is on the ground, a little extra effort is needed to make it a real success. Here are some tips and tricks to having the memorable...

Dec 22, 2019• by travelnotes_ch

Winter Roadtrip in Iceland

You enjoy roadtrips and are not afraid to drive during winter? You're dying to explore Iceland but don't know when to go or how to plan your next vacation? We have a good news for you: you found the...

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