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I am a native English writer and I am super passionate about writing, photography and anything that allows me to be creative. I have always had a love of the written word and you can often find me writing on my own blog or tucked away in a corner appreciating the magical use of words by my favourite authors. I am the founder of Jade Braham's Odyssey. Jade Braham's Odyssey is one of the few travel websites that brings travel and history together. Our mission is to negate 'touristy travels' and instead create a community that travels through the Earth's history and authentic culture. Through my website, we travel to understand and find the true meaning of life. We have found that it comes from the history of the earth, the stories of our ancestors and the unity of different cultures. These small experiences are unique, extraordinary and preciously unlike anything else that it unfailingly creates minutes, moments and memories that last and enrich mine and your lives. Visiting the castle, palaces, halls, mountains, lakes, beaches and enchanting forests has opened our eyes to many, many of the world’s hidden gems and to how throughout time and history, different cultures, peoples and way of lives have lived in harmony and fought against antagonistic hostilities. I don't just travel to see new places, but I live it! I travel to search for something that cannot be Googled because when I explore these I discover the real magic that happens off the beaten track! Through my website; my photography, writing and social media channels I share these experiences with my readers and aim inspire and guide their future trips!

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