Planning a trip to Greenland

Apr 10, 2019• by The_Polar_Travel_Company

When to make a cruise to the Arctic and what to see

A voyage to the top of the world can take us to fascinating places such as Russia’s Far East, the Canadian Arctic, Svalbard, Greenland,Alaska, or even to the Geographic North Pole. The Arctic...

Feb 24, 2020• by dcglobejotters

Safari Guide: Making the Most of Your African Safari

No matter how many photos you’ve seen, or how many episodes of Animal Planet you have watched, the first moment you see African animals roaming and living in their natural habitat will...

Feb 17, 2020• by HappyTravellingGuy

How to Organize Your Road Trip: Our 13 Tips!

Making a good road-trip is not something you can improvise. To avoid unpleasant surprises, here are our 13 tips that will help you prepare for it and make it a success! A road-trip is something...

Feb 9, 2020• by KiwiTalksTravel

Pros & Cons Of Studying Abroad

In August 2017, I was 19-years-old and still living with my mum. I had never lived alone before, but I was about to make the massive step of not only moving out but moving halfway across the...

Feb 8, 2020• by KiwiTalksTravel

How To Save For A Trip

I’ve been on many trips in my life, and the one thing I’ve learnt is that if you run out of money, you’re screwed. I’m not saying money is everything, but it is when you’re on holiday...

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Planning a trip to Greenland?