Apr 12, 2019• by terikarl

Walk Your Own Camino

I watched a documentary on the "Camino" in Spain and fell in love with it immediately. Less than a year later the universe nudged me forward, an it was time to take this 500-mile trek through...

Apr 10, 2019• by jessicalgianna

You've Been Culturestruck! [An AC/DC Pun]

Allow yourself to get enveloped by the culture of the place you're staying in, but bring a little piece of yourself to it so it can truly feel like home! When I was doing my study abroad in...

Apr 5, 2019• by facilitateluxury

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

As a travel aficionado, I can honestly admit that through all of my pre-vacation excitement, I also have a bit of a nervous ping in my stomach. I am beyond thrilled for all the great sights, sounds,...

Mar 8, 2019• by IndeBo

This Women's Day, let get inspired by women travellers

Many of the explorer, writer, poets, and all kinds of artist have had something to say about what does it mean to travel and what travelling does to your soul. Some of the most thoughtful and...

Jan 13, 2019• by NinaOutandAbout

Overcoming Travel Naysayers

We all know a travel naysayer. They’re like boogeymen for travel fever. You’re riding high reading articles about the blue city in Morocco or looking at waterfalls in Bali when they appear with...

Jan 3, 2019• by Shay Zada

My 10 best tips for travelers

1. Don’t be afraid The world is not a dangerous place like the media say it is. In general, people are very generous. Most of them will go out off their way to help you. 2. Get lost on...

Dec 6, 2018• by lifepilgrimage

When it all goes wrong...

The most important thing to remember when traveling is that when mishaps happen (and they will happen), there is one thing you should never lose! And what is that most precious of things? Your...

Oct 17, 2018• by Segway

Be Adventurous

Don't be afraid to try new things and step outside of your comfort levels as some things are easier than you imagine.

Apr 26, 2018• by Ryan Biddulph

Enjoy the experience by being in the moment!

My chief tip for long term travel: enjoy the experience by being in the moment! Throw away the camera for one trip. Leave your phone at home. Today on the South Island of New Zealand, maybe the...

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