Dec 14, 2018• by Dolphins Travel7

Ten Basic Tips for Air Travel

We all know flying can be stressful. We just wanted to give out some basic tips on how to make everything as smooth as possible, from arriving to the airport all the way to getting off your flight....

Nov 29, 2018• by salesandtonic

How to Relax and Rejuvenate on a Flight

I find myself having to fly a lot. Based on the length of the flight, and of course all of the waiting around before and after, it is very easy to feel unproductive. After all, emails build up, calls...

Nov 22, 2018• by buzzinaroundtheworld

Using Google Flights

Many of my friends have asked me, “Buzz, how are you able to find such cheap flights?” Being a teacher who loves to travel, I have to be able to be responsible when it comes to the cost of my...

Nov 17, 2018• by viajoxmicuenta

Subway in Salvador Bahía Brazil

Since August 2018, the subway arrives to the Salvador Airport (SSA) in Bahía, Brazil. It costs 3.7 Reales, which is about a Dollar. You can get it by a free bus (3 minutes trip) then it gets you...

Nov 16, 2018• by okonomiNOMS

How to navigate through Narita Airport

If you are heading to Tokyo you’ll land in either Haneda or Narita Airport. Here is some information on travelling through Narita Airport and options for getting into Tokyo. Getting out of...

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