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By thepassportmemoirs | Dec 7, 2019


I had a 14 hour overnight layover in Stockholm and needed a place to sleep. Thankfully, I found Jumbo Stay right outside of the Arlanda airport. Jumbo Stay is a hostel in a converted 747 jumbo jet.

Getting There

Jumbo Stay's website easily lays out directions on how to get there. When I left the Arlanda international terminal, I found bus stop #3 and waited for the Alfa bus per Jumbo Stay's instructions. The Alfa bus drops also stops at the domestic terminals, Radisson Blu, and the parking lots. The Alfa bus runs every 15 minutes in both directions. The next morning, I crossed the street and waited just a few minutes for the Alfa bus to take me back to the airport. Jumbo Stay is within walking distance, but I recommend taking the bus because it was so quick and easy.

Jumbo Stay's wing walkway and engine rooms

Jumbo Stay's wing walkway and engine rooms

Nitty Gritty

After the bus dropped me off, I walked up a path to the huge jumbo jet. There is an elevator labeled for handicap use only, so I carried my luggage up two stories to the lobby. At the lobby entrance there is a sign that requires guests to take off their shoes. There are shelves available to leave your shoes, or you can bring your shoes to your room as long as you don't wear them in the hostel.

I initially booked a bed in a four person, female dorm for $30 USD. When I arrived I decided to upgrade to a single room with a view of Arlanda’s runway for $20 more. Guests can also book the engine rooms or cockpit room. The staff was so kind and welcoming; we chatted for a while about the history of Jumbo Stay. The staff told me normally guests can walk onto the wing, but it was too icy that night.

My room had two beds, an overhead compartment like on real planes, and a beautiful view of one of Arlanda’s runways. I could hardly sleep because I was too busy watching planes take off and land.

Jumbo Stay hallway

Jumbo Stay hallway

Bring slippers or thick socks because the bathrooms were down the hall, and you cannot wear shoes in the hall. I didn’t have any trouble waiting for bathrooms. It must’ve been a quiet night because I didn’t run into anyone else during my time at Jumbo Stay.

In the morning, I had a complimentary continental breakfast. There was an assortment of meats, cheeses, breads, fruits, juices, and cereals. There was also a sign telling guests to talk to the staff if they had allergies. As someone who has severe food allergies, I appreciated the hostel's allergy-friendliness. It was a simple breakfast, but I enjoyed the ambiance and getting sustenance before my long day ahead.

Overall, I loved staying at Jumbo Stay. It was the coolest hostel I've stayed at thus far. How often do you get to sleep in converted 747? I would go back to Jumbo Stay in a heartbeat!

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