Vacation in Sweden, Holidays for Nature Lovers

By JessShores | Oct 16, 2022
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Vast forests, deep blue lakes and quaint little houses - these are the images that come to mind when you think of Sweden. So what could be more obvious than next holiday in Sweden?
Sweden inspires with its wide range. Here you can go on a city trip to Gothenburg or a city trip to Stockholm to explore the fascinating cities, go on a hike through the vast forest areas or a bathing holiday at one of the deep lakes spend Whether you are looking for relaxation, families, those interested in culture or those interested in active holidays - in Sweden every type of holiday is in good hands From exceptional accommodation options to lively cities to endless expanses full of natural beauty and small wonders - here you can experience everything that makes a good summer holiday.

Vacation in Sweden, Holidays for nature lovers

Vacation in Sweden, Holidays for nature lovers

General information and tips for holidays in Sweden
Are you looking for a relaxed destination with lots of nature and away from mass tourism with a pleasant climate? Then a holiday in Sweden is just right for you and your friends!
The Scandinavian country covers an area of around 450,000 square kilometers. About ten million people live in the state, which includes the islands of Öland, Gotland and the eastern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Important: Before your holiday in Sweden you have to exchange your money Because in Sweden, Swedish crowns (SEK) are the common currency. But don't worry, the conversion is very easy. One euro is roughly ten SEK.

The north of the country is characterized by vast coniferous forests with a particularly diverse flora The islands of Öland and Gotland inspire Plants that you otherwise only see in the regions of the Balkans are at home here. These areas of Sweden are also known for their many species of orchids The Scandinavian southern Sweden attracts with many forests and crystal clear lakes.

Sweden is considered a modern country where being close to nature is of great importance. Exactly the right destination for a quiet family holiday in the country, a tour through the wonderfully different regions of Sweden or for trips to the pulsating big cities And of course camping fans and active vacationers get their money's worth.

Entry information for Sweden

The Schengen Agreement has eliminated identity checks within the EU member states Experts advise that you your ID or a valid passport with you so that you can identify yourself more easily in the event of checks at the borders. always have

By ferry - the most beautiful way to reach Sweden

Taking the ferry across is a very special experience and the most comfortable way to reach Sweden! The best choice for your ferry crossing is with the ships of the TT-Line ! With several daily departures, the ferry company connects the largest German Baltic Sea ports of Travemünde and Rostock with the southern Swedish transport hub of Trelleborg - so you get to your destination in a relaxed manner! TT-Line attaches great importance to sustainability and therefore uses the most environmentally friendly ferries on the Baltic Sea with their new Green Ships!
There is also the route from Puttgarden to Rodby or the routes from Rostock, Sassnitz and Travemünde to Trelleborg. If you like to spend a long time on the high seas, you can opt for the approximately 14-hour tour from Kiel to Gothenburg.

What makes the crossing with the new Green Ship special?

E-Auto Charging station on board
Large children's play area for romping around and family lounge for young and old
Your pet is welcome on board in the pet cabins and in the pet lounge
Free and unlimited WiFi on board
Huge sun deck with inviting seating
Diverse gastronomic offer

What makes TT-Line the Sweden expert?

Your holiday in Sweden starts with TT-Line on board! Here you can get Swedish products, holiday souvenirs or seasonal Swedish delicacies in the on-board restaurant. These are marked with the Sweden Love seal!
Do you need more inspiration for your next holiday in Sweden? As a Sweden specialist, TT-Line also offers a special travel guide ! On the interactive map you will find numerous sights that you should not miss on your trip to Sweden!
TT-Line has been around for 60 years ! In 1962, the passenger and freight ferry Nils Holgersson opened regular year-round ferry services between Travemünde and Trelleborg.

Arriving in Sweden by plane

Arriving in Sweden is of course also uncomplicated by plane The country's largest airports include Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (ARN), Gothenburg/Landvetter Airport (GOT), Malmö Airport (MMX) and Växjö-Småland Airport (VXO). From here you continue with the bus shuttle.

The Oresund Bridge

If you don't have a problem with endless masses of water and have enough time to make the journey to Sweden by car, you should take the Oresund Bridge if you want to go from Denmark to Sweden The longest cable-stayed bridge in the world is around 7.8 kilometers long. The bridge itself was built in 2000. Since then, it has been used by around 15,000 people every day.

Weather, climate and best travel time for Sweden
When you should travel to Sweden depends on what type of vacation you have planned. is ideal for a ski holiday The season between December and April Anyone who would like to witness a unique natural spectacle can marvel at the northern lights in the transition period between autumn and winter or between winter and spring.

The trip to the capital is particularly recommended in spring or autumn - in winter it is too cold for a long stroll through the city and in summer the sights are sometimes overcrowded. Beach holidaymakers looking to dip in the country's scenic lakes head to southern Sweden in July or August.

Holiday destinations and regions in Sweden
Have you decided to vacation in Sweden ? Great! The only question left is which regions you want to travel to. Because the different areas all have their own charm.

Norrland - the north of Sweden

Norrland is the largest region in Sweden. However, the area is sparsely populated. It is characterized by rough wilderness. The north bank of the Daläven is considered the gateway to Norrland. This region is well suited for a relaxed holiday away from the big cities, because the north of Sweden is often referred to as the last wilderness in Europe.

Götaland in southern Sweden

Skanen - or Skåne - scores with a beautiful south coast that features striking cliffs You will also find lush green forests and wide fields Culturally, apart from the Swedish influences, different Danish influences can be noticed.

The sunny island of Öland is also in the south of the country. As many hours of sunshine as in this region are rarely achieved in the rest of the country. This attracts a large number of people, especially in the summertime. via the Öland Bridge You can get to the island from Kalmar.

The Smaland region in particular has shaped the image of Sweden in this country. Because this is where Astrid Lindgren's children's book and film characters are at home. There are enchanted forests and idyllic lakes You will also find numerous farmsteads in the typical Falun red.

Svealand in central Sweden

The Dalarna region is considered to be the heart of Sweden In the local museums you can the traditional farming equipment and costumes marvel at
Our pirate tip: The north of Dalarna presents the best ski areas in the country - just the right thing for winter sports fans!

Southwest of the Swedish capital Stockholm is the province of Sörmland Magnificent mansions and castles can be discovered - including Gripsholm Castle in Mariefred, made famous by Kurt Tucholsky's novel of the same name. The tomb of the writer is also located here. The skerries of Sörmland - the archipelagos in front of the coastal towns of Nyköping and Trosa - can be reached via small bridges and enchant with their untouched nature.

Malmo in the historic Swedish province of Scania

If you are looking for culture, gastronomy and nightlife in Sweden, then you should definitely visit Malmo! The capital of Skåne has the most restaurants and pubs per inhabitant compared to other Swedish cities. The historic old town offers trendy boutiques, stylish cafes and galleries.

Malmo is the country's third largest city and the weather here is milder than in the rest of Sweden. Due to the location by the sea, it can only get a little windy. Incidentally, Malmö is directly opposite Copenhagen - so you can easily visit both cities on one trip, e.g. with the combined trip for two people from Travemünde with TT-Line !

Sweden's nature

Of course, Sweden not only has pretty and exciting cities to offer, but also impressive nature! There are 29 national parks and a total of 3,200 nature reserves in the country, 28 hectares are forest area.
In addition, Sweden has many lakes. Most, namely 5,000 pieces, are in the southern Swedish region of Småland. There's even more water along the more than 3,200 km long coast. await you here White sandy beaches, rocky cliffs and limestone pillars The archipelago near Karlskrona and Stockholm are also worth a visit. alone The Stockholm archipelago has more than 30,000 islands!

Highlights: Sights in Sweden
One of the country's greatest attractions is the royal palace in the capital It is located on the island of Stadsholmen in the middle of the old town and is designed in a baroque style. A beautiful district of the capital that invites you to stroll is Södermalm Music fans pay a visit to the ABBA Museum in the city and immerse themselves in the world of Swedish stars.
Many holidaymakers in Sweden discover one of the most impressive sights in southern Sweden when they arrive: the Örsesund Bridge The striking structure was completed in 2000. In Skane, the south-eastern tip of the country, is not only the city of Ystad, which is well-known from the Wallander crime novels, but also another highlight: Ales stenar, 59 large stone structures To this day, experts still disagree about the importance of this facility.
The Vasa Museum is dedicated to a single ship: In the museum in Stockholm you can see the Vasa, which spent 333 years on the seabed. She sank on her maiden voyage, but has since been salvaged and restored. This museum is considered to be the most visited museum in Scandinavia.
No holiday in Sweden without a moose ! Probably the largest moose park is in Grönasen You walk along the approximately one and a half kilometer long hiking trail along the observation towers and, in addition to mooses, you will see some horses, African mountain goats and pigs

Other highlights not to be missed on your holiday in Sweden include:

the Turning Torso in Malmö, a high-rise in the style of deconstructivism
the picturesque district of Haga in Gothenburg with its rustic wooden houses
the Museum of Photography in the Stockholm port of Södermalm
the magnificent Drottningholm Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Ekerö
the medieval Cathedral of Sant Maria in Visby in Gotland

Pure adrenaline at Liseberg amusement park

Near Gothenburg you will find Liseberg amusement park, the largest amusement park in Sweden This park has existed since 1923 and is open both in winter and in summer. Whether on the 60 meter high Ferris wheel or on the 1.4 kilometer long roller coaster that reaches top speeds of up to 100 km/h - in the Liseberg amusement park you will find the right rides for every age group.

Accommodation in Sweden - from camping to holiday homes

Of course you can spend your holidays in Sweden in a hotel. But the classics are the small holiday homes with traditional red facades In a holiday home you design your holiday more individually than in a hotel. In addition, many Sweden fans recommend camping holidays Most of the campsites meet the highest standards and are suitable for families.
Our pirate tip: Or would you like something a little more unusual? Then during your stay in northern Sweden stay at the Ice Hotel Jukkasjärvi - the first ice hotel in the world. This structure is located around 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle and is made entirely of ice.

Example of a holiday home in Sweden

Are you in the mood for nature and tranquility ? Then we have found suitable accommodation for you here. You stay in a cozy cottage in Älgarås This place is located just under 3 hours drive from Växjö Airport. Use the time and enjoy the nature and the landscapes when you arrive.

The holiday home is located in the middle of the forest, right between Sweden's largest lakes Vänern and Vättern On the spacious wooden terrace you can start the day relaxed with a fresh coffee and a delicious breakfast. Here you have peace and can really let your soul dangle. You won't get cold feet, because thanks to the underfloor heating there is no reason to. for family holidays. This holiday home is also very suitable.

Rent a car in Sweden

You can easily and cheaply book a rental car directly via our rental car price comparison For example, you can get a Ford Fiesta or a comparable car with fully comprehensive insurance and unlimited kilometers for less than €90 (4 days). Pickup is at Växjö Airport!

The Swedish culture

Swedes are known to be extremely hospitable during your holiday You'll quickly get into conversation with the locals You will get tips for extensive hikes through the wooded area of the country. Because the exploration tours through the beautiful nature should not be missing from your trip.

Typical food and drink in Sweden

In addition to the classic Köttbullar, which you probably already know from the menu of a large Swedish furniture store, the country has numerous other specialties on the menu.
Typical Swedish 'Husmanskost' often includes elk or red deer meat Salmon is also often on the menu. Side dish number one are the potatoes These are also the main ingredient in a Swedish classic: Janssons frestelse (Jansson's Temptation) This potato casserole is made with onions and anchovy fillets. Especially at Christmas time it is served in many Swedish families.

For the brave, Surstromning is worth a try. But beware! The fermented herring stinks extremely. The can with the fish should therefore only be opened outdoors. The taste also definitely takes some getting used to.

Sweets are very popular in Sweden. Be sure to try the green princess cake or the Kladdkaka with lots of chocolate Small pastries are in demand during the traditional fika – the coffee break The fine cinnamon balls are incredibly tasty. There is of course coffee. After all, in many statistics, the Swedes are among the biggest coffee drinkers in the world, sometimes only trumped by Finland.

If you want to drink alcoholic beverages in good company, then cider is particularly recommended.

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