Swedish Summer At it's Best

By mvestlund | Feb 15, 2019

Ever heard about the beautiful country in the north - where all people have blond hair and blue eyes? Welcome to Sweden!

If you're a travel enthusiast with a passion for outdoor activities, old historical towns, and endless summer nights, you should add Sweden to your next 'to visit' list. In fact, during the summer it's bright outside 24/7 even after the sun goes down. Which means that you can stroll around in nature and have late night dinners without having to worry about the darkness sweeping over.

One of my favorite places in Sweden is the west coast above Gothenburg. Here, you can find small cute fishermen towns such as Smögen, Hunnebostrand, Strömstad, Lysekil and more. During the summer - swedes and tourists from all over Europe flock to these parts of Sweden to enjoy the magical west coast life during Summertime. Here's why it's so great.

Best seasonal job

Ever thought about trying a seasonal job? It's so much fun! I spent 7 months in Smögen a few years ago, working as a receptionist for a camping resort. It was the BEST summer of my life! A bunch of fun people working with you, all there for the same reason - adventure! We had so many fun party nights, explored nearby islands by boat, wakeboarding, and just enjoyed every bit that Summer time has to offer.


This is the mecca for boat lovers. People arrive with big and small yachts, sailboats, and motorboats to experience the best of the best from the ocean. Most of them spend a few nights at each town by the dock and take part of all the restaurants, bars, events, shopping, and nature.


Seafood. No seriously - SEAFOOD! If you thought you had good crayfish, crab, shrimp, or mackerel before.. think again! The Swedish west coast takes pride in being the top in the fishing industry.


There are just endless opportunities for adventure here. From hiking rocky hills, to cliff-jumping, to water adventures, to concerts that you'll remember for life. If you're traveling alone, why not find accommodation at one of many hostels, or connect with a group of people sailing from place to place? It's all about the journey!

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Written by mvestlund
Hi travelers! My name is Madelene, and I'm a happy Swede who currently lives in San Diego. I'm all about fun adventurous and love sharing my stories on my travel blog. Come check it out!

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