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Feb 2, 2020• by Reading_Vagabond

What to Do if You Have only A Couple of Hours in A City? – Malmö

While I was planning my trip to Copenhagen, I thought that it would be great to spend some time in Malmö too. I wanted to spend 1 or 2 days there but I had to shorten this period so I had only half...

Dec 7, 2019• by thepassportmemoirs

Why You Need to Visit Jumbo Stay

I had a 14 hour overnight layover in Stockholm and needed a place to sleep. Thankfully, I found Jumbo Stay right outside of the Arlanda airport. Jumbo Stay is a hostel in a converted 747 jumbo...

Nov 23, 2019• by The_Van_Taste

A culinary day in Stockholm

I’ve also been in Stockholm before and to be fair – I couldn’t share the hype about that city. Sure it’s a lovely place with a charming old town and nice people, but I expected far more after...

Feb 15, 2019• by mvestlund

Swedish Summer At it's Best

Ever heard about the beautiful country in the north - where all people have blond hair and blue eyes? Welcome to Sweden! If you're a travel enthusiast with a passion for outdoor activities, old...

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