Oct 7, 2018• by irisperience

5 Reasons Why I Took A Tour To Montenegro

Tours aren't for everyone. But here's my 5 reasons why I booked a group tour during my Montenegro trip. 1. Planning I don't have to do planning. They do it for me. No need to research on what...

Sep 27, 2018• by irisperience

Visiting Dubrovnik, Croatia (Game of Thrones) 2018

Itinerary - Solo Traveller Dubrovnik Airport Purchased a ticket online for my Atlas Croatia shuttle bus (official transportation from airport to City centre) Atlas shuttle bus waits just right...

Sep 13, 2018• by letsfindfun

The Park That Started It All: Yellowstone National Park

Our obsession with national parks started with Yellowstone. There’s something special about this place that we experienced almost immediately upon arrival. It feels old. It feels important. It was...

Sep 12, 2018• by letsfindfun

Exploring N’awlins: Your First Time In New Orleans

After traveling across 33+ states and living in 6+ cities, I often get asked where I am originally from. When I say “Picayune, Mississippi” their response is usually “Uhhhhhh…” I always...

Aug 23, 2018• by IndeBo

Best places for solo travel in India

In the company of diverse people, vibrant culture and a rich heritage, one never feels alone in India. Undulating landscapes, serene coastlines, an exciting fusion of cultures, the explosion of...

May 3, 2018• by homelessandabroad

Avoiding the Depression of Shoestring Solo Travelling

Travelling on a shoestring budget will take a toll on you. Travelling on a shoestring budget and alone can hurt you, but it's alright, and there’s ways to avoid it. When you travel with a...

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