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By albaniaincredible | Feb 28, 2021
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Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diets in the world. And the Albanian chefs has conquered the heart of the connoisseurs of Mediterranean food, particularly the slow food travellers. With the Albanian hillsides producing 2/3rd of the world's production of olives each year, this part of the world is also known for their age-old food traditions and finest chefs cooking a range of impressive range of delights that millions try to replicate worldwide.Albania, the beautiful mountainous country set on the Balkan peninsula, lies in between Greece and Italy's azure waters. Albania's local culinary tradition is influenced by the beautiful sunny and fertile region and preserved by the time-honoured practices, local cultures, and gastronomic.

Traditional Albanian food

Traditional Albanian food

Enjoy fresh farm produce, great wine, and local specialities at the Mrizi Zanave and Rapsodia for excellent slow food and a nice weekend in Albania -
Blessed with the Mediterranean coastal climate, Albania thrives with fish stocks and fresh vegetables and fruits all year. That is why chemically driven food production and manufacturing methods are not even culturally desirable to the locals.

Along the coastlines of Albania is the modern and unique restaurant, Rapsodia. Rapsodia's menu features true Mediterranean delight and a diverse range of traditional Albanian foods and cheese delights. The menu has truly revolutionised gastronomy and in perfect sync with the international slow food movement.

For great slow food and a nice weekend in Albania, visitors flock to the Mrizi Zanave - an all-in-one resort providing everything you need for the ultimate solo food experience. Set on Albania's northwestern mountainous valleys, the beautiful Mrizi I Zanave Agroturizëm Resort comprises the farm, resort, restaurant, winery, and a production facility.

It is the great hospitality and kindness of the Albanian people that is worth mentioning here. If you want to enjoy the best farm to table organic food served, visit the Mrizi Zanave.

The owner himself gives a VIP tour of the Cheese Factory, the winery, and how the traditional Albanian delights are produced and lands from the farm to the table.
A week long slow food tour to Albania provides you the best chance to get firsthand experience of how the landscape that shaped them discover the great gastronomic heritage and authentic flavors of the Mediterranean delight.

Albanian food

Albanian food

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Written by albaniaincredible
Hi I am Alma from Albania a small country with so much to tell you . Smile this is Albania - my slogan . Mother of three little stars , we all speak German , English, and Italian. I will be very happy to show you my country full with history , UNESCO city heritage , blue-waters, and delicious culinary. Albania have high mountains and beautiful beaches. You are welcome.

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