Why You Should Choose Albania for A Beach Wedding Destination

By albaniaincredible | Jan 17, 2021
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The Albanian Riviera offers couples some of the most romantic beach weddings in the world. With its unequalled cities, food, art, wine, and romantic unspoiled landscapes, it's not surprising that so many couples prefer to have a beach wedding in Albania. A destination wedding in Albania is a magical event. What better place to get married than one of the most romantic, most fun, and most unique country?

Sapphire blue skies, turquoise water, pure white sand beaches, your perfect wedding day should take place in the perfect setting. With its historic parks, natural wonders, terrific beaches, architectural treasures, and other locations, there are endless ways to declare your love for one another when planning a destination wedding in Albania.

Ever since you were a little girl, you've been dreaming about your wedding; however, your dream wedding doesn't include a chapel and a catering hall. You have always known that you want your wedding to be celebrated in a place that is as special and magical as the love you would share with your Prince Charming.
While you know you want to have your wedding in a unique location, now that you're planning your wedding, you aren't quite sure where to have it. Well, wonder no more! Beach weddings in Albania will certainly make your wedding as unique and special as your love.

Most Popular Spots for Beach Weddings in the Albanian Riviera

Durres (Durrës)

Warm weather, wide beaches, and hotels experienced in organizing destination weddings have given Durres the edge in attracting couples to marry here. Brides and grooms often combine their wedding and honeymoon at the same resort or may wed at one and take a short drive to a neighboring resort to savor their honeymoon at another in private.

Durres combines the exotic pleasures and beautiful beaches of the Adriatic Sea with the ease of having a wedding in the Albanian Riviera. Top-rate hotels, fragrant indigenous flowers woven into leis, and the gracious Albanian hospitality welcome continue to lure couples in love to this Albania's premier city.

Saranda (Sarandë)

Equally warm and sunny, the Albanian Ionian Sea Coast, washed by the warm Mediterranean, and its Saranda is dotted with resorts at all price points. Still, couples may find more bargains in Saranda than in other coastal cities.

Vlore (Vlorë)

The city was the former capital, and it is Albania's third-largest city, an attractive option for those looking for a historic beach escape. The city is an inlet on the Adriatic Sea and surrounded by the Akroceraunian Mountains. Vlorë is a wildly popular place for weddings, which can be as simple or as elaborate as your taste and budget dictate.



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Hi I am Alma from Albania a small country with so much to tell you . Smile this is Albania - my slogan . Mother of three little stars , we all speak German , English, and Italian. I will be very happy to show you my country full with history , UNESCO city heritage , blue-waters, and delicious culinary. Albania have high mountains and beautiful beaches. You are welcome.

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