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By Globetrotter | Jul 3, 2019
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Are you looking for a fun excursion while on the island of Kaua'i? How about fun bike ride down Mt Waialeale?

Overlooking Waimea Canyon

Overlooking Waimea Canyon

The draw is actually the views of Waimea Canyon. I thought it was a kick in the pants and I'm not a thrill-seeker. Check local outfitters for this bike adventure. I really advise against going on your own if you've never done this with guidance. Here's how it worked for us: after meeting at the outfitters around 6am, the guides gave each guest rider a 'test' to make sure they were able to ride and maneuver a two-wheeler with confidence. Basically, you ride a beach-cruiser style bike in their parking lot for a couple of minutes.

Once the trailer and van were loaded with bikes and riders, we were off to the mountain. There was a brief bathroom stop, then safety lecture, and we were off downhill, following the guide. Another guide brought up the rear behind the line of bikers, and another drove the van down behind everybody. The van served as a "protection" for the bikers against the few cars that had to pass us on this public road.

There were stops for photo ops of Waimea canyon, and guide talks along the way.The ride is fast, and there are curves and hairpin turns, but following the safety advice and instructions of the guides is crucial - simple, but crucial. The ride starts out in the cool of the morning and temps warm as you descend the mountain. It's a great way to start the day. Not strenuous at all, since you're not riding UP the mountain, and the bracing morning air in your face is exhilarating.

Our guides provided a light breakfast before the ride, as well as helmets. But be sure to wear shoes that protect your toes and a light jacket, and bring your camera or phone. The trip is over by mid-morning and you have the rest of the day to enjoy more adventures.

Have a blast!

Canyon Bike Excursion

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