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By Desire | Feb 18, 2019
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And back from Monterrey! Back to the warm Caribbean temperatures 🙂 But during these days in the north of México, along with another trip there that I did like one year and a half ago, give me the chance to write an extensive post about what to do in Nuevo León and Monterrey, capital of that state.

First of all, where is Nuevo León located? Nuevo León is one of the states of Mexico, located in the northeast of the republic, bounded on the north by the Rio Grande, border with the United States of America. Its capital, as previously mentioned, is Monterrey, this being the third metropolitan area with the largest population, only behind Mexico City and Guadalajara, in Jalisco.

Here you will be able to discover the modernity of its capital, magical towns and extensive nature, like the hills, waterfalls, etc. You cannot lose anything! So you can admire the wonders of this state, I wanted to separate it into 3 blocks: Monterrey, south route and north route (the two routes also departing from Monterrey) Come and discover it more thoroughly! 🙂


Monterrey is what I call, big city 🙂 with more than 4 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area. Like any big city, traffic is a real chaos, hahaha, and you have events and things to do almost any day of the week, so boredom never came. But, what is it that you must visit almost mandatory if you visit the city?

FUNDIDORA PARK: In what was once the iron and steel industry, now it is an opened natural space, which combines nature, art and history. What were the industrial patios are now walkers. The industrial furnace is now the steel museum, an interactive science and technology center. You can also find an amusement park of Sesame Street, art centers and exhibitions, forums and auditoriums for shows :). A place without a doubt, where you can spend a whole day exploring it.

SANTA LUCÍA WALK: Considered one of the 13 wonders of Mexico created by the human being, it is one of the most visited places by the travelers in the city. An artificial canal, which flows into the Fundidora Park, with an area of ​​2.3 km, visitors can enjoy a landscape of illuminated fountains, bridges, walkways, murals by great Monterrey artists, and a large expanse of green areas. , terraces and esplanades.

MACROPLAZA: As its name suggests, it is a huge square, really the fourth largest square in the world with an area of ​​40 hectares. You can visit monuments, green areas, museums, and emblematic buildings, in which I can highlight: The Government Palace, The Government Palace Museum, The Museum of Mexican History, The Santa Lucia Walk, The Esplanade of Heroes, Sunken Garden , City Theater, Library Fray Servando Teresa de Mier, Fountain of Life also known as Fountain of Neptune, Chapel of the Sweet Names, Metropolitan Museum of Monterrey, Zaragoza Square, Faro del Comercio, Homage to the Sun. The museums are mandatory visit 🙂

CERRO DE LA SILLA: And what can be more characteristic of Monterrey than Cerro de La Silla? A hill named for its similarity to the saddle of a horse, can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. So if you like trekking and adventure ... Go ahead and meet it 🙂 You can get to the Mirador, if your physical condition is not 100%, and if you feel strong, go up to the antennas 🙂 The road is well indicated and is not dangerous. For the most daring, you can climb the northern peak.

If you have more days in this state, I recommend that you leave the city and visit all the interesting points that there are both in the north and in the south of Nuevo León. Let's start with the southern route 🙂


SANTIAGO: Magical town only 30 km from Monterrey 🙂 In its historical center you will remember the colonial era, but the main attraction of this town is its nature 🙂 Especially the "Cola de Caballo" jump and the "Chipitín Canyon". The waterfall is a 27 meter waterfall surrounded by exuberant nature, and the canyon is ideal for adventurers who want to feel the adrenaline.

ALLENDE: Here you can see first hand how honey is made, stroll through its historic center, and of course, enjoy nature on the banks of the Ramos River.

MONTEMORELOS: Another place for adrenaline lovers 🙂 You can fly in an aerostatic balloon and contemplate the rows of orange trees, and Perform skydiving!

HUALAHUISES: If you like handicrafts, you will be able to learn from saddler craftsmen. 🙂 You can also enjoy nature walking on hanging bridges.

LINARES: In its historical center there are many museums and architectural gems. If you did not get bored with the water activities, practice water sky, fishing or kayaking in the Presa del Cerro Prieto.

ITURBIDE: In the middle of nature, climb the staircase to the Sky to contemplate the Sierra Madre Oriental, enjoy the Waterfall of the Maiden, or take a trekking along the Caracol trail.

GALEANA: A place out of the ordinary where you will enjoy nature and sport equally. Rappel down the Pozo del Gavilán and rent a kayak 🙂 Enjoy a beautiful sunset in the Laguna de Labradores, and trek to the Potosí mountain, the largest in the state.

ARAMBERRI: If you like waterfalls and want more, fall in love with the Potrero de Zamora waterfall 🙂

GENERAL ZARAGOZA: Discover a little bit of history with the collection of archaeological and anthropological remains at the Palo Branco Museum, and visit new waterfalls, such as the Veil of La Novia, and El Salto.


And the North Route, is completely different to the South Route, so if you have a little time, go ahead and discover it 🙂

GARCÍA: 40km from Monterrey, discover the caves of this town and marvel at its landscapes from the top and if you dare to climb up the hill walking 🙂

MINE: Learn how is the geological, archaeological and anthropological evolution of the state in the museum.

HIDALGO: In the middle of the mountains, learn to climb 🙂 the views will be impressive, from the Potrero Chico Mountain.

BUSTAMANTE: If you have not had enough with the caves of García, here you can enjoy some vaults with 150 million years old.

LAMPAZOS DE NARANJO: Because there is also water in this route, take a dip in the eye of water of Lampazos.

ANÁHUAC: One of my favorite places in the state, where you can paddle kayak in the Salinillas Dam, fish in the Vetustiano Carranza dam, or swim in the waters of the Salado River.

SABINAS HIDALGO: And to finish the route, what better than another little water! Enjoy the dam of Sombreretillo, and take a trekking in the Picachos mountain 🙂

And what do you think? Well deserves to walk a few days in this state of Mexico, right? It is not very known at the tourist level, but as you see, there are many wonders that should be known 🙂

Do you know Nuevo León? Would you give me a new recommendation for the next visit? I'm all ears 🙂

Do you have any doubt? Contact me without commitment ... And meanwhile ... Happy routes 🙂 🙂 🙂


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