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By TravelLifeConfessions | Apr 26, 2019

Southeastern NC  (Pix compliments of my friend Ella D)

Southeastern NC (Pix compliments of my friend Ella D)

Helpful Travel Insurance Insight

Travel insurance can sometimes be misunderstood and overwhelming. However, this is especially true if you are traveling to an area that might have weather interruptions or any other interruption like illness, etc. which will ultimately affect your vacation plans.

* First, I encourage you to consider purchasing travel insurance – but be sure to always read the Terms and Conditions so you know what you are buying. I, like many others, sometimes can't be bothered reading the TACs, but know it's important to do so; especially the fine print. I am taking more care myself in reading them.
* Travel Insurance can give you peace of mind.
* Historically, it seems many travelers think they chose travel insurance, when in fact they did not. Be sure you don't ignore the travel insurance popups and offers of travel insurance while you are making your reservation on line.
* Pay particular attention to any notifications that talk about hurricanes, tropical storms or other weather related interruptions, if you are visiting areas where this might be common. It's important to know that if a tropical storm has been named, you won't be covered.
* If you are not sure you purchased travel insurance or don't understand the terms and conditions, again, I urge you to please contact their customer service staff and listen to their advice and explanations.

Consider the following example: Many travelers are not aware that you can't purchase insurance while a named hurricane exists.

For example, if a hurricane is named on 9/4 and a traveler reserves a room 9/5 and opts for travel insurance while making their reservation, they believe they are covered. They are not.

* Always ask what the benefit limits are. Some policies are only good for 30 days, for example.

I do hope you find our tip about Travel Insurance helpful!

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