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By Apeacock | Jul 2, 2020
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Yes, you read that right. You can explore Singapore on a budget. The Best part about the city and country is that it is an amazing hub for Far East Asia connections. From this advanced city, you can enjoy a 2 or 3-night stay and go on to a beautiful beach holiday.

How to get there?

Singapore airlines of course! No other alternative, Singapore airlines has astounding value, tasty food and beautiful settings. From South Africa, you can travel directly with Singapore airlines. They have affordable rates for all seating options.

Staying there?

You can get a stopover package from the equivalent of R600 per person including a night's stay, transfer and a SIM card through the airline.
Alternatively, I enjoyed the bookings through Airbnb. I found that the hostels and hotels were roughly the same rates. Accommodation isn’t the cheapest in Singapore and the rooms are very small!

Our favorite hotel was the V Hotel Lavender, right above a metro station and food court. It included a great breakfast spread and was incredibly convenient to travel from.

Sightseeing / Activities

The airline offers free city tours! If you have the choice of a long layover in Singapore I would highly recommend taking it to qualify for this amazing teaser tour of the city!
The airline also offers boarding pass privileges. You get better rates and discounts for restaurants and activities in Singapore.
Other than that, the botanical gardens are a must-see and are totally free! There are also cheaper rates at Gardens by the bay in the last hour of the day. You can’t exactly see the entire place in an hour but it is so worthwhile with a sunset!

Alcohol is quite expensive in Singapore that’s why these benefits are the best as you get great discounts!

Getting around

Singapore is a really small city but it can keep you very busy for 2 or 3 days. The metro is honestly the best way to travel.
You can buy an access card at the airport for 10 Singapore Dollars. 5 dollars is loaded as a credit on your card. Don’t worry about losing out on what you had loaded on the card - when you leave you can get the remainder refunded and they allow you to keep the card as a memento. 5 Singapore dollars is plenty, with each trip being on average 40 - 60 cents or less because you can walk to most places. It is convenient and on time.
The transport card also allows access on buses and you can even use the credit at McDonald's.


Singapore is well known for having amazing food. The restaurants are fairly expensive as every little thing adds up, especially if you are drinking alcohol.
Our favourite was the food courts. You can find food courts everywhere. You are looking at a meal from as little as 2 Singapore dollars. It's great portion sizes and amazing food. It’s not a fancy restaurant, instead, it’s a local restaurant in a cultural experience. If you are an experimental foodie like us you will love the food courts, you have so much to choose from!

Singapore is an amazing destination to add on top that trip to Thailand or that trip to Bali! It is a great contrast of cities and has so much to love! I would highly recommend her. From Singapore, you can also explore the amazing resort island of Bintan.

If you would like some help planning this trip, please feel free to pop me an email.

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