Visiting Boston, Massachusetts

By Boston_Harbor_Distillery | Oct 5, 2018
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When you're traveling to Boston, be sure to do a mix of the well known touristy spots with the best hidden gems of the city. There's so much lesser known history to Boston, so why not seek it out for yourself?

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts

You'll find plenty of places that will surprise you with their story. You'd also do well to check out as much of the coastline as possible. The ports and shores have served so many purposes throughout the decades, and let's be honest it's an unreal skyline to gaze at.

As far as getting around Boston, we recommend downloading one of the Boston transit maps beforehand to help navigate the "T" or hopping on a Bluebike to see the city from a different perspective. Cheers and enjoy Boston!

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Written by Boston Harbor Distillery
Boston Harbor Distillery was founded by Rhonda Kallman, who after a 25-year career at the forefront of the U.S. craft beer movement, looked for her next challenge. She found it in the craft distilling industry as it reminded her of the early days of the craft beer movement. After searching for nearly two years for a suitable location, we found it at The Port on Boston Harbor on Boston’s southernmost waterfront in the Neponset section of Dorchester. Built in 1859 with Douglas Fir post and beam construction, 40 ft high ceilings and over 100 windows, today it is one of the last remaining mill buildings in the Boston area. Run down and negle... Read more

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