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By sundaytourism | Dec 6, 2019
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The history of Porto is undoubtedly connected with two main religions present in the Dark Ages of the Invicta city: Catholicism and Judaism.

Know the medieval Golden Age and rough times of the People of the Book by walking along the old alleys and streets of Porto, and knowing the true Medieval times where the Sephardi Jews lived.

Following a chronological line, the lifetime of the Jews in the Iberian Peninsula was made of one step further and two steps back, where walking along the old and narrow streets from the Vitória quarter and encompassing their story, life and ancient remnants in Porto. Start your exploration at the Cathedral’s old quarter and visit the street where one of the oldest synagogues was located. Afterwards, move to the Miragaia quarter and notice that the people of the Great Diaspora tried to adapt to the Christians’ lifestyle by working alongside with them, with a huge proximity to the river Douro. Then, the Olive Field quarter was one of the ultimate Jewish urban phenomenon, with a few traces from the past and the chance to admire the memorial tablet referring about the 1496 Expelling Order or Forced Conversion to New Christians by the king Manuel I.

Miradouro Vitória

Miradouro Vitória

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