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By Iva_Says_Travel_Blog | Jul 26, 2019
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Every year the number of tourists in Skopje, Macedonia is growing. All those people usually have no idea where to have the perfect lunch in the city, without spending tons of cash or getting a poor quality of food.

Therefore, I have decided to create this list of top 5 lunch bites in Skopje, that will meet the needs of anyone. You will find some must-try options as well as recommendations that will make you come back many more times.

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Pindjur and White Cheese

Here in Skopje, we rarely get the main dish, eat and leave. Lunch is more of a respected activity that often starts with “meze” (usually a salad and rakija, alcoholic drink). One of the most popular options you will find in restaurants is the famous pindjur (the one in the small dish).

Pindjur and grilled white cheese

Pindjur and grilled white cheese

Even though there are many variations in the recipe, the traditional one is usually made with red peppers, tomatoes, sunflower oil, vinegar, and garlic. This spread goes perfectly with white cheese and that’s how I recommend you try it. The combo on the photo is from a popular restaurant on the Bohemian Street in Debar Maalo neighborhood called Chardak.

National Restaurant Chardak
Gjorgji Peshkov, Skopje 1000
+389 71 329 098

Yellow Cheese and Garlic Bread

Nobody eats salads and spreads without some kind of bread. The one on the photo, which is my personal favorite, is actually pizza dough topped with yellow cheese and garlic. It tastes amazing and I guarantee anyone will love it.

Garlic bread with yellow cheese

Garlic bread with yellow cheese

This garlic and yellow cheese bread are freshly made and baked; thus, you will get it all warm and soft. This specialty is offered at one of my favorite restaurants in Skopje called Skopski Merak. I must warn you, however, that the place is often packed so you better make a reservation. Also, the prices are a bit higher than the ones in the other restaurants in the Debar Maalo neighborhood.

Restaurant Skopski Merak
Debarca 51, Skopje 1000
+389 78 343 630

Various Grilled Specialties

As soon as you take a walk on the Bohemian Streets in Skopje you will understand that we love grilled specialties. We call these with a single word “skara” (barbeque) and everything prepared on the grill belongs into this wide category.

Grilled specialties ("skara")

The plate with mixed grilled specialties above includes uvijac (pork stuffed with cheese and rolled in bacon), sharska (minced meat in a form of burger, stuffed with cheese) and boneless chicken thighs. As you can see, they are served on top of delicious baked potatoes.

The dish in the photo was taken at Chardak; nonetheless, there are numerous options for delicious grilled specialties such as DM, Idadija, Nadjak, Pero and Debar Maalo.

National Restaurant Chardak
Gjorgji Peshkov, Skopje 1000
+389 71 329 098

Crepe with Cream and Sparkling Water

After an amazing lunch, your stomach deserves only the best dessert out there. For that occasion, I have selected the simple, but tasty crepe with chocolate cream. I usually have strong desserts with sparkling water; Pelisterska is usually my first choice and it is also the most popular brand in the country when it comes to sparkling water.

Crepe with cream, sparkling water, beer

Crepe with cream, sparkling water, beer

This delicious dessert, alongside a range of other options, can be found at Forza Wine Bar and Restaurant. This place has a nice garden and it’s also part of the Forza Sports Center. Other options for delicious desserts are Zafir in Debar Maalo and ABC Café Bar in Karposh.

Forza Wine Bar and Restaurant
Londonska 12a, Skopje 1000
+389 71 33 43 43

Fabulous Cocktail

As it usually happens here in Skopje, after you’re done with your lunch, it’s usually time for having a drink with your friends. For that occasion, I have chosen the wonderfully sweet and refreshing cocktails in Vinyl.

Various cocktails at Vynil

Various cocktails at Vynil

Vinyl is a must-visit coffee bar and night club, located in the Debar Maalo neighborhood. They have a great selection of cocktails as well as many local beers including Skopsko and Zlaten Dab. Other similar places for casual days and nights out are Radiobar, Kaldrma Kafe and Van Gogh.

14, Bulevar Partizanski Odredi, Skopje 1000

Vegan and Vegetarian Options

We have some great restaurants for vegans and vegetarians in Skopje as well. From vegan burgers to raw vegan desserts, the options are plenty. If you want to go for lunch, you can check out Vegan 365 Kitchen, Harmony or BistRaw Zdravo Zivo. Another spot not to miss is Vega Fresh Bar, which has a rich menu with pasta, salads and delicious raw bars.

Vegan salads

Vegan salads

Final Thoughts

Well, if you follow my recommendations, I believe you are ready for an incredible and delicious Skopje adventure. Keep in mind that most of the cool stuff often happens in the popular Debar Maalo neighborhood, where all the restaurants and bars are usually open until 12 AM (business days) or 1 AM (weekends).

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