How to Visit the USA in the Time of Covid

By wasatch | Oct 29, 2021
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The USA is about to re-open to tourists. If you are inclined to take a trip to the USA, and you are willing to put up with all the Covid clearance stuff you will have to deal with both in going to the USA and returning to your home country, you might still want to consider the chances of Covid exposure in the various parts of the USA. The Covid infection rate is given as the number of cases per 100,000 people. Today, Oct 28, 2021, among the 52 US states, UT has the highest current infection rate. UT is a famous tourist destination for its five national parks, Moab, and skiing. UT is also a very dangerous place to visit if you are concerned about Covid. UT's overall infection rate is 17,037. Here are some comparisons:

  • Hawaii: 5,912
  • Oregon: 8,563
  • Washington DC: 9,067
  • Florida: 16,963
  • Texas: 14,510
  • California: 11,732

Within UT, the ski center is Summit Co.: 16,670. Your airplane will land in Salt Lake Co.; 17,279. but Summit and Salt Lake Counties have done by far the best job at combating Covid in the state. That their Covid infection rates are so awful is caused by the constraints the Republican run state government put on anti-Covid measures. The Covid policy of Utah's Republican government can be summed up as, ‘keep businesses open, let people die.'

My wife and I are both fully vaccinated early Covid survivors. We live in UT. We will not eat in any restaurant in UT. We will not stay in any overnight accommodation in UT. We moved here to ski. We have not skied since February, 2019. We only shop locally for essentials (and we wear a mask, something you will rarely see in UT), everything else comes delivered from the internet. We will not go inside any building in UT for more than 20 minutes (except for the our well protected doctors' offices), and neither should you.

If you want to visit the USA and be as Covid safe as possible, the top choice is Hawaii, if you can get in. Then, Oregon and neighboring Washington State. Extending a west coast visit to include California isn't risking much more.

The next best choice is the East Coast corridor from Washington D.C. to Boston, and that's it. Stay away from the rest of the USA.

This is UT.  Do not come to see it.

This is UT. Do not come to see it.

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