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Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka looks like a small drop at the southern tip of the Indian continent. Although it is a small country, it can provide various experiences to the travellers all over the world for travelling around Sri Lanka. Famed as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is packed with a wide range of places to explore and things to do from, golden coastlines, world heritage sites, national parks, flowery gardens, savannahs, wildlife and many more. So, what are you waiting for?

Train in Ella, Sri Lanka

Train in Ella, Sri Lanka

Nuwara Eliya

A hill country located in the central province referred as ‘Little England’ in Sri Lanka, covered with gripping mountains, lavish green tea estates and cascading waterfalls.  For acres and acres, the hillside will seem to be speckled with many colourful flowers. But, if you look closer, you will notice is not only filled with colourful blossoms, also with lush greenery tea plantations and tea-pickers, wearing rich toned fabrics. With a pleasing ambience and moderate climate, Nuwara Eliya is regarded as the most imperative location for tea production in Sri Lanka.

Trek or drive amidst the hills of Nuwara Eliya to witness green lands sparkling in the daylight and hiding in the mist. Don't forget to entertain your taste buds with a cup of high-quality Ceylon tea while rambling in the green tea gardens.

Minneriya National Park

Minneriya national park is located at the Minneriya reservoir catchment area in North Central region, affirmed as a wildlife reserve. The Minneriya reservoir was built by former ruler Mahasen in third century with historical importance. During the dry season, it is the feeding border for the elephants inhabited in the forests of Polonnaruwa, Matale and Trincomalee regions. The Park dwells with many different plant species, a huge amount of Sri Lankan elephants, monkeys, Sambar deer, axis deer, leopards, sloth bears, grey slender Loris, great white pelican, ruddy turnstone, grey heron, junglefowl, Sri Lankan hanging parrot, brown-capped babbler and amphibians.
It is one of the most beautiful national parks for the wildlife enthusiasts to visit and enjoy wildlife in Sri Lanka. 


Galle is one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka, a well-preserved colonial town with the Dutch influence. It is revealed that the Galle Fort was founded by Portuguese colonials in the 16th century and further developed by Dutch colonists.  None of us will forget the “Boxing Day tsunami”, the Ramparts of Galle withstood this disaster with minor damages, restored now. Hire a bike or walk along the streets to explore several spectacular locations in Galle. You will also pass by the coastlines, filled with tourists enjoying their Sri Lanka tour and beach holiday. Take a moment to enjoy the astonishing view of the sunset over the Indian Ocean.


With the world heritage site temple of tooth relic, Kandy holds a special place among the Buddhists of Sri Lanka. Every year and every day, thousands of Buddhist worshippers visit this sacred land to follow their rituals. Kandy Esala Perahera is one of the important festivals that you shouldn’t be missing in Sri Lanka holidays. It is the grandest Buddhist festival celebrated in Sri Lanka, lined up with fire performers, colourfully decorated elephants, traditional dancers, musicians and flag bearers.  You will also find “Udawattakele Forest Reserve”, on the mountain ridge in Kandy city, a sanctuary popular for its widespread seasonal birds. With Common hill myna, spotted dove, emerald dove, Tickell's blue flycatcher, Crimson-fronted barbet, brown-headed barbet crested serpent eagle and brown fish owl, this place is perfect for bird watching.


Although a small city on the south coast of Sri Lanka, it is a popular tourist destination for beach vacations, nightlife, surfing, whale and dolphin watching in Sri Lanka. The clean and calm coastlines in Mirissa allow the visitors to relax and enjoy the surrounding without any disruptions. If you are into water sports, go ahead hiring a board from the shops at the beach and start hitting the waves. Or if you are into snorkelling, Mirissa beach is the right place. From November, this is the right period for spotting the whales and dolphins. The whale watching season in Mirissa starts from November to April. As the sun sets, happy hour begins with night parties and beach parties. Drop into the night restaurants beside the beach for various tasty food and drinks for great partying with vibes.


Visit the antediluvian rock fortress in Matale district to discover the urban planning of the ancient civilization. As you climb through the top of the plateau, you will come across many archaeological monuments including frescoes, mirror wall with old writings and gardens.


Anuradhapura is one of the sacred and primordial capitals of Sri Lanka, well-known for its best-preserved ruins of ancient civilization. Jaya Sri Maha Bodhiya or the sacred bo-tree, Abhayagiri viharaya, Isurumuniya, Jetavanaramaya, Ruwanwelisaya, Thuparamaya, and Tissa Wawa (a reservoir) are some of the sightseeing areas in Anuradhapura.


Ella is located in the Badulla District, surrounded by rolling hills, plunging waterfalls, lush green forests and tea plantations. It embraces a rich bio-diversity, inhabited with variations of plants and wildlife. There are many pleasurable things to do in Ella including, trekking to Ella rock, bathing in the Ella waterfall (also called as Ravana Ella), a pilgrim to Adam’s peak, smelling the tea factories, Watching the nine arch bridge and pampering in Ayurveda therapies.

Knuckles Mountain range

The Knuckles Mountain Range is a lesser known place among the visitors, which makes hiking more special. Hike through the mountains to experience the spectacular view of the surrounding hills, waterfalls, rivers and tea plantations. 


Being the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo comprises many places and things to do. Wander around the streets, visit the national museum, relax at the independence square, eat street food at the Galle Face green with the sea breeze, shop without breaking the bank or chill out at nightclubs throughout your journey in Colombo.

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