Sunset at the Galle Face Green Promenade

Galle Face Green, a microcosm of activity and a place where the local congregate as the sun goes down to take in the cool sea breeze of a sultry evening in Colombo. Lined with hawker street food stalls along the promenade, provides with the option of some of the best street food you would ever have. Some of the signature foods include the Crab Vadai (a snack similar to a falafel with a sea crab fried on top of it), the Prawn Vadai or the one that’s most famous amongst the locals, kottu roti (shredded flat bread, mixed with flavored gravy, chopped vegetables and a choice or meat or seafood).

The most popular of these stalls is Nana’s (directly translated as brother in English, the name the owner is fondly remembered by); at Nana’s, one has the opportunity to witness the demonstration of how some of the dishes are made. You can enjoy your local nik-naks whilst you immerse yourself in the picture of the sun setting down the Indian Ocean.

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Written by Irshad
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