Relaxing Hidden Gem in New York

Amster Yard

Amster Yard

Whilst on the return walk from the United Nations, walking up E 49th I remembered reading about a little hidden hideaway that takes you from the hustle and bustle and puts you into a calm, green hideaway. Of course I needed to rely on google to sort out what I was thinking about but after a quick thumb tap, I found it. And here it is, Amster Yard. Located between 2nd and 3rd on E 49th this New York City designated landmark was constructed in between 1869 - 1870 and refurbished in 1945.

Stepping inside through the gated entrance (which is generally open as there are businesses that have an entrance from inside the passage way), the space immediately draws you in and reveals a quite treed sitting area where you can just be calm and relax. Why not grab some lunch and give your feet a rest while you recharge your batteries to keep going.

If this type of hidden gem is up your alley, please take the 5 minute walk to visit Katharine Hepburn Garden located on E 47th between 1st and 2nd avenue. This is a perfect stop to add whilst your walking to or from the United Nations.

Even if you just stick your head inside while wondering the streets of this part of Manhattan, I would say it is one of those little hidden gems not to be missed.

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