One Day In New York

New York

New York

1) Stay

Plan your stay a little far away from the city as it would be cheaper and you dont want to miss out a chance to travel through the Grand Central Trains
You can plan a budget stay around stamford another cool place with Downtown having nice resto if you want to have a cool beer and hang out with friends

2) Travel

No Doubt but use the Train and then subway services to Times square and Empire State building
I loved the walk from Grand central early morning as i see all the folks walking towards office ..maybe this scene was “happiness”

3) Food

Dont miss out on the street food falafels and shawarmas around they are amazing and worth a try, the ones near central park had such a long queue for the shawarmas i am still craving 😅
Gordon Ramsey is around too near TimesSquare if you want to have a luxurious dinner with a Date

4) View

Access to the top of the Empire State not the longest tower but as per me the best view of New York is here

5) When

Definitely during the summers best time to visit the city you might catch some bollywood shooting or other fun activitiees around. No doubt this city doesnt allow you to sleep

For anything else do let me know

Vivid Wayfarer

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