Venice Best Kept Secret.... a €2.00 Gondola Ride!

By traveladdicts | Sep 23, 2020
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The Grand Canal - From a Gondola

The Grand Canal - From a Gondola

If you visit Venice for the first time, a gondola ride is probably on the top of your bucket list. The biggest problem is that a regular gondola ride can cost you up to €100.00! Yes, that much. However, there is a secret ride that nobody tells you about that it only costs €2.00. It is not a very long ride at all, just a couple of minutes across the Grand Canal, but it is enough to take many selfies and photos to share on social media.

Where do you find this special ride?

You will have to go to the Rialto area of the city, right by the Rialto Bridge. The actual little piazza is called "Campiello de Remer".

There you will find a sign that says, "Traghetto di Santa Sofia." There you will be able to board your cheap Gondola Ride! You can take this ride from the opposite direction by the Rialto Market.

Traghetto Di Santa Sofia

Traghetto Di Santa Sofia

When does this run?

It runs all the time, there is a gondola every couple of minutes, and it is a service that Venetian residents take to cross the canal. You don't need to buy a ticket or anything. Pay the gondolier when you step on the gondola.

€2.00 Gondola Ride

Is this a romantic ride?

Don't expect the romantic gondola ride with your partner and a handsome gondolier singing for you. This ride is a gondola "Ferry boat." You will not be alone on the gondola, but some random people might join you, but it is still perfect for that Insta moment in Venice without breaking the bank!

Gondola Ride on the Grand Canal

Gondola Ride on the Grand Canal

Can I do it more than once?

Yes, you can do it as many times as you like. You will have a stunning view of the Grand Canal from the gondola, and you can take thousands of photos.

We hope you enjoyed this little tip for one of the most famous and beautiful cities in the world. Please let us know what you think.


Rick and Andrea

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