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By Gotravelwithpurpose | Oct 6, 2019
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✨Moroccan Food✨It is as full of colour as it is of flavor. On our first day we took a cooking class and haven’t had a bad meal since, not even a sub-par meal. Moroccan food is rich with peppers, tomatoes, couscous, meats, citrus fruits and spices.

The meal begins with Moroccan tea which is mostly mint leaves, a teaspoon of green tea and white sugar, poured with and arch into a small glass. Next, a tomato, roasted pepper, cucumber salad always fresh, cooled and well seasoned. The trick with this one is removing the tomato skin and dicing the vegetables thin, then adding lime, coriander, parsley, salt and pepper to finish. The meat is then richly spiced, layered with onions and slow cooked in a clay pot, slowly adding water to tenderize the meat. For desert the oranges a cubed and served with a dash or mint and cinnamon. Morocco is also a major exporter of dates, apparently the largest producer of sardines but we had our fill of those in Spain. Lastly, the most popular Moroccan National food is couscous, but it’s origins actually date back to Algeria, many years BC. It is lightly spiced and served as a base for meat stews and vegetarian dishes.

This caption only encapsulates one Moroccan meal, but the techniques mentioned above, paired with the 5 key spices (cumin, paprika, turmeric, ginger and saffron) can be translated into many flavorful Moroccan dishes.

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