Embrace Your Vacation Time and Improve Productivity

By facilitateluxury | Mar 11, 2019

Do you often feel like you need vacation time from your career, yet you’re so busy that you don’t have time to take off work? Maybe you think you’ll fall behind if you were to take off?

Recent studies show that maximizing the vacation time you take actually makes you more productive at work. Taking the much-needed R&R leads to increased job performance, better mental and physical health, higher overall happiness, better relationships, and decreased levels of stress. All of these lead to improved performance at work. One should never discount the value of slipping off the grid for a little while.

There really is no excuse for not fully embracing the vacation time you’ve earned. Make 2019 the year you embark on your dream trip. Experience something new, go to where you can completely unplug and just be in the moment somewhere magical. Not only will you have an incredible trip that liberates the spirit, but you will also find that you actually perform better at work after your trip.

 Santorini, Greece (Reagan Sobel)

Santorini, Greece (Reagan Sobel)

According to an article by the U.S. Travel Association, Americans wasted 705 million of their hard-earned vacation days in 2017 alone. Let’s work together to change this in 2019 by planning early. Committing to your trip early in the year gives you and your family or friends the time to organize their schedules.

We understand how busy you are, and we’ve got your back when it comes to planning and executing that trip. Whether you have an idea of where to go next or not a clue in the world, we can lay out the best options for you. No excuses can be made for not having the time to plan a trip, because all it takes is a simple form submission, a quick phone call, and looking over a few custom-tailored itineraries in order to book the trip you’ve been dreaming about for years. No more pushing off dreams and adventures. The soul seeks adventure, new experiences, and a deeper connection to the incredibly beautiful planet we live on. Let this year be the year that dreams turn into reality.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam (Reagan Sobel)

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam (Reagan Sobel)

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