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By lionsdetour | May 31, 2020
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Spain is a bucket-list destination for your next motorcycle touring adventure. It has not only enchanting landscapes for outdoor lovers but also great architecture and world-famous food and wine. Everyone will find something to their taste – literally!

It is also a go-to destination for motorcycle road trips – wonderful nature is best to experience from a motorcycle seat. Spaniards are very passionate about motorcycling as well and will be more than happy to share their favorite routes around your area of choice.

There are 17 autonomous regions in Spain. We will elaborate more on them in articles in the Spain category on our blog. To get a grip on what destination you should pick for the next motorcycle adventure, we highlight the most beautiful and unique routes for bikers this country is offering.

To accommodate popular biker preferences we will focus on beautiful twisty roads, natural landmarks while avoiding city hustle and bustle. Everyone else is writing about Barcelona and Madrid, why would we?

N625 – Riano – Cangas De Onis – Picos de Europa

This beautiful route allows you to have stunning views of Picos de Europa – a mountain range in Northern Spain which will provide you with a nice variety of challenges – climbing up through twisties, dense forests and crossing through rock formations. Scenic route for all nature lovers.

L401 – Berga – Organyà

Otherworldly views on this route from Berga to Organyà, with a must-see stopover in Pantà de la Llosa reservoir. A turquoise-blue lake surrounded by mountains is an ultimate inspirational route for great footage – whether you’re recording your trips or photographing nature (and your bike).

C1311 – Tremp – Puente te Montañana

Breathtaking route featuring challenging bends and long, relaxing stretches of the road. Many camping opportunities along the way will allow you to stay longer in this unique place. Surrounded by nature, a night of wild camping (which should be accepted under certain circumstances in Spain) will be the one to remember forever.

N240 – Yesa – Puente la Reina de Jaca

This route is a must-ride for all lake lovers. Within close distance of the Pyrenees mountain range, the N-240 road connecting Yesa and Puente la Reina de Jaca has a beautiful lakeside waterfront and many viewpoints along the way for a quick nature-appreciation break.

A7000 – Málaga – Colmenar

A picture-worthy route crossing unique valleys of the natural park of Málaga is a great opportunity to mix bike touring with hiking – views are truly picturesque and the route twisted in the most unique ways. Ditch the motorway between those two locations to hit-up one of the best-rated routes in Europe.

L511 – Isona – Coll de Nargó

If you love zig-zagging up the hill through raw nature – you will love this little route. It climbs up through mountain ranges of Serra Mitjana. Half-way between Bóixols and Coll de Nargó you will be able to see ancient river passes and canyons.

N623 – Santander – Burgos

Although the route looks quite straight and simple, it does cross through one of the most beautiful natural monuments. You will be able to see Embalse del Ebro and pass in the middle of Sierra del Escudo, which has great hiking trails. With a slight detour from the N-623 you will be able to see Ojo Guareña – a very unique karst complex carved out of stone.

Gi 682 – Sant Feliu – Lloret de Mar

If you can’t decide if you prefer mountains or a view of the sea – this route will fulfill both of your fantasies. This is the perfect challenge for more advanced bikers, with many lookout points and bends which are very challenging (and fun!). With a snack-stopover mid-way in Canyet de Mar it is a perfect one-day excursion on a motorcycle.

N260 – La Seu d’Urgell – El Pont de Suert – Ainsa

This route is a great entry point from France to Spain. Dangerous? Yes. Exciting? Even more. It will lead you across Pyrenees mountain range. It is highly recommended to attempt passing this challenging route only in good weather conditions. Huge cliffs and sharp bends are the best enjoyed in sunny, dry weather – which is the usual Spanish forecast.


Spain is a beautiful country with many challenging roads – it’s up to you which one you will conquer on your motorcycle. As far as we know, with Spain, it’s a never-ending exploration with a nice surprise any time we take a detour from the original route. Not only a great bends and climbing up the mountain ranges, but also a chance for the first-hand exploration of the history.

Incredible nature is what makes this country a perfect destination for motorcycle touring.

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