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By karenzgomez | Aug 12, 2019
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Hi Everyone,

On this occasion, I am going to share my short stay in Manila but that undoubtedly stole my whole heart for its large amount of history that contains one of the most important tourist centers in Manila that is Intramuros.
Intramuros is a place of few blocks that is literally surrounded by walls. This was the center of government and economic when the Philippines was under Spanish command, yes, Philippines was a Spanish colony as America. Therefore, you may find that many people there speak Spanish, which was what remained of the colonization just like this beautiful place.

We stayed one day on our one-way flight in Manila, due to cancellation problems with our flight, so that day we visited Intramuro. When we arrived at the main gate there were many people offering tourism services to go around the mini city but we did not accept because we had a short time to drive to return to the airport.

Entrance to Intramuros

Entrance to Intramuros

The Church of San Agustín

The first thing I wanted to do is visit one of the emblematic places, The Church of San Agustín. This church, the oldest in the Philippines, is a Catholic church and was declared a UNESCO heritage site. It is definitely a unique place to visit.

Principal door of the Church

Principal door of the Church

Walk around Intramuros

Then, we traveled a little of the city that is very picturesque for its period and infrastructure. It is a very nice place to walk and take photos of the beautiful houses and streets.

Monument to the fallen during the Second World War

Walking through the city, we find a monument to the fallen during the Second World War. Where the city was completely destroyed, and where many battles and clashes took place, mainly due to the strategic location of Manila on the global map.

Immaculate conception metropolitan basilica cathedral

Another beautiful place we visited was the immaculate conception metropolitan basilica cathedral. We just entered for the mass, which they give in English because it is the official language of the Philippines, although they also speak their own Filipino language. It was a beautiful experience.

Immaculate conception metropolitan

Immaculate conception metropolitan

Santiago Fort

We were a little tired, so we moved to the last place on our list, El Fuerte Santiago. It is a citadel that was built by the Spanish navigator and governor, Miguel López de Legazpi for the newly established city of Manila, in the Philippines.

Santiago Fort

Santiago Fort

I hope you liked my first post, and you can send me any questions that need help if you are planning to visit the Philippines.

Let’s start this travel together. Thanks!


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Salman Adv

Salman Adv
Aug 18, 2019 at 08:27

worth writing..keep it up.. author (Y)

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